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Shelly Gets Death Threats, The Situation Gets Beat Up and Rupert for Governor?

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Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back and so is another edition of The Friggin 5. Rob may be busy these days with all of his Fantasy Football teams, but that won’t stop him from covering the following five topics.

[7:55] #1) Big Brother – Following last weeks shocking eviction of Jeff Schroeder from the Big Brother house, Shelly Moore has become the least popular player in recent memory on Big Brother. People are so mad at Shelly there is an “America Hates Shelly Moore” page on Facebook and her family has begun receiving death threats. Meanwhile in the Big Brother house, the Pandora’s Box was opened by Porsche Briggs which returned the couples twist back to the game. Now Rachel and Jordan have a chance to both stay in the house for another week. We’ll break down who we think has the best chance to win Big Brother 13 with only 2 weeks left to go.

[29:15] #2) Jersey Shore – It’s been a dramatic past couple of weeks in the Jersey Shore house. The Situation has fought Snooki, Ronnie and Sammi have fought and finally this week we got the highly anticipated match-up between the Situation and Ronnie. Unfortunately, Ronnie didn’t get to do too much damage to the Situation after he was beaten up by the wall and ended up having to wear a neck brace. We’ll talk about what is the recipe for the most enjoyable Jersey Shore moments and what’s next for our favorite American guidos in Italy.

[44:15] #3) Reality Potpourri – The Reality News starts this week with the announcement of the new cast on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Nicole has an update on what Parvati Shallow is up to as she goes Around the World for Free. Finally, we learn that former Survivor, Rupert Boneham (Survivor: Pearl Islands, Survivor: All-Stars, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains) is considering running for governor of the State of Indiana as the Libertarian candidate. We’ll discuss what Rupert might stand for and whether or not we approve of his candidacy.

[1:00:25] #4 Trampoline Instructions / Matthew Fox Assault Charges – Nicole just got a new trampoline which has a long list of instructions. Rob breaks down the trampoline rules for Nicole to ignore. Matthew Fox is best known for playing Jack Shephard, the alcoholic doctor on LOST – but it looks like life may be imitating art as Matthew Fox has been accused of assaulting a female bus driver while under the influence.

[1:08:40] #5 Your Questions and Comments – We answer a few of your questions and comments including what are the chances of having Dominic Briones on the podcast, which reality stars are pro Jeff and Jordan. A bet between Rob and Nicole and feedback from the Mikey B podcast.

It’s a Friggin 5 so good, you’ll beat yourself up if you miss it… it’s Rob Has a Podcast

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