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The Big Brother Labor Day Weekend Wrap-Up

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This Thursday night’s Big Brother episode ended with a cliffhanger of an HOH challenge. Sunday night’s show picked up with Ian Terry beating out Shane to become the new HOH. For Ian, he was forced to decide who to put up on the block between Jenn and Frank or Jenn and Joe. Meanwhile Dan Gheesling continued his agressive play this season and now backed out of the alliance he formed with Frank to restart the Quack Pack with Ian, Shane and Danielle.

Rob states on the show that Ian is being a bit naive by trusting Dan so much once again, though Ian doesn’t know the full degree to which Dan betrayed the Quack Pack last week. As for Dan, Rob is beginning to worry if Dan is playing too hard at this point and could find himself in a Russell Hantz scenario, where he makes it to the final two, but has upset too many people along the way. However, if anybody could pull it off, it would be Dan.

This week Pandora’s Box made another appearance. While it had no strategic outcome on the game, Rob thought that Ian’s christmas in the Pandora box room was hilarious as well as Santa Jessie rummaging through the house to throw out all of the junk food in the house.

Finally, Rob spokes with Matt Forsythe and Bill Methling about what transpired over the weekend with the Veto competition. With Matt, Rob also discussed how we are expecting the veto to be used on Monday.

Rob wrapped up the show to start getting ready for the Survivor: Philippines preview cast later that night. Rob says that the preview show will be up on the website on Tuesday. Have a Happy Labor Day everybody!

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