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Recapping the Reality TV Dog Days of Summer on Bachelor Pad and Big Brother

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– As recapped by Master Recapper, Amy H. (@RHAPRecapper)

Rob starts the show by expressing his gratitude for the RHAP fans for encouraging Jeff Probst to accept the offer to appear on the podcast. Also, Rob announces that his guest for the web show tomorrow night will be Ronnie Talbott (@DarthRonnieT) from Big Brother 11.

Rob goes into Bachelor Pad and he is very confused about who has hooked up with whom. He thinks maybe Chris Harrison is trying to get in on the “Jeff Probst inappropriate line of the week” fame with the “nutsack” challenge. Rob discusses the battle between Ed and Reid– Rob was glad that Ed stayed because of his entertainment value. Rob doesn’t understand why all the women are obsessed with Creepy Chris. Rob really enjoyed the Madame Tussaud’s wax museum challenge, but he thinks people should have been suspicious of the choices of statues (Rachel, Nick, and Tony). Rob then talks about how he thinks the Bachelor people may be nervous to appear on RHAP, and he needs to find the “Jackie Robinson” of the Bachelor world who will be the first to make an appearance.

Rob then talks about potentially moving the web show to Tuesdays this fall to be able to have more time for people to catch it before Survivor airs.

Big Brother SPOILERS start at 33:00.

Rob talks about the plan to backdoor Janelle, and checks in with the Live Feed Correspondents to get the latest. Bill talks about how Joe is the odd man out and doesn’t know that Janelle is on the way out. He thinks they will tell her later tonight. Bill also talks about how Britney singled out Ian as someone to work with as a pair going forward. Then Natalie talks about how it all went wrong for Janelle. Matt comes on to talk about the Silent 6 Alliance and what caused Dan to jump ship to Boogie and Frank. He thinks Dan and Ian could go far in the game, and that Dani has a case of HOH-itis. Matt and Rob think they probably should have gotten rid of Frank rather than Janelle. Last up is Brian, who talks about how Frank and Boogie have turned things around. He recommends that Live Feeders flash back to Sunday night, Camera 1 at 10:07 PM to see the coaches meeting.

Rob closes with a Boogie impression and letting the cat ladies know that he is rooting for Janelle to turn things around, but he is also excited to see a big game move on Thursday night.

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