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Willie Hantz on the Coaches Twist and Recapping the Big Brother Weekend

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The Big Brother game has just been reset with the coaches now entering the game. Back in the first week, Willie Hantz warned the new players that this exact scenario might happen. Willie Hantz joins Rob Cesternino to talk about everything thats taken place in the last week. Plus, we recap the episode with started On Thursday night as the coaches battled for HOH as they stood on a plank to see who could stay up the longest.

Rob is joined on the line by new Grandpa Willie Hantz. Willie informs Rob that he would not have reacted as calmly as Shane did if he had an HOH week where no one was evicted. Willie thinks a coach is going to win this season because the other newbies are not taking his advice from his house meeting to get a coach out. Rob thinks it will be returning players and floaters at the end, just like last season. Willie is rooting for Frank to be evicted.

Willie also explains that he was not trying to put Shane and Jojo in a bad situation, and he didn’t intend to go home. He regrets upsetting Jojo and is hoping to repair their friendship. Rob also asks Willie about Sid Vicious saying he would fight him and Russell– Willie wants no part of that; it was Russell who called Sid out. Willie says he is not someone who likes to have a lot of attention, and is going back to his normal life away from the cameras.

Rob then takes some questions about tonight’s episode. He explains the mysterious sighting of a houseguest named Jenn, who is of Puerto Rican descent and has allegedly been in the house the whole season. Rob doesn’t understand why Dan continues to throw challenges, since he is not fooling anyone. Rob can’t believe that a newbie won HOH and didn’t put a coach on the block. He thinks Dan is the puppetmaster, and is essentially the HOH rather than Danielle. Rob also talks about Dan’s rare misstep of telling Boogie that Frank was going home, Britney’s acting skills, and whether Danielle and Shane have a showmance or a fauxmance.

The Big Brother 14 Spoilers start at 40:25.

Danielle has also won the POV this week. Rob thinks it’s because he just hit the “reset” button and she’s no longer his pick to win. Rob gets the latest news from 2 of his Live Feed Correspondents. Chilltown Correspondent Brian (@lynchmgm) talks about the plan to backdoor Janelle. The alliance was on board, but then Britney changed her mind and is set again on getting rid of Frank. Brian explains how Ian and Jenn have scattered a bit. He also breaks down the veto competition and the prizes and punishments that were doled out. Ian had to live as a dog for 24 hours and Frank had to wear a cheerleader unitard (spiritard). Correspondent Matt (@snidesnidington) talks about how Dan is benefitting from Dani’s HOH. He also talks about what Janelle has been up to and does an impression of Coach Dan.

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