Big Brother

Dan Pulls Off Another Big Brother Shocker at Final Four

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We started the night thinking that Shane was going to be sending Ian Terry home from the Big Brother house but after a shocking move, Dan Gheesling got Danielle Murphree to put Shane up on the block after Dan promised to keep him safe. However, Dan had other plans for Shane when he got even more blood on his hands by taking Shane out of the game. Stunned, Shane walked out of the house leaving Dan, Danielle and Ian as the Big Brother Final 3.

Rob opens the show with reactions to Dan’s latest move. For TV, Rob loved the move but is beginning to wonder if Dan could be playing for second place at this point. Rob asked if maybe could this latest betrayal be enough to turn Danielle away from working with Dan for the last time. Going through the potential jury votes, it does seem as if Danielle has enough votes to win on the jury. On the other hand, it would also seem like Ian could have the votes to beat Dan in the end of the game. Rob wonders if Dan has the greatest speech of all-time ready for the final two.

We try to place blame on Shane’s decision to not prevent himself from ever going up on the block in the game – something that Dan would never have allowed to happen. We also discussed the events from the jury house where Frank Eudy feuded with Britney Haynes about what was fair in the Big Brother game. Britney did not seem especially bitter towards Dan but Rob still thinks that Britney could vote for Danielle or Ian without in necessarily being a vote against Dan.

No matter what, it will be a compelling Final 3 as we countdown until a winner of Big Brother is crowned on Wednesday, September 19th.

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