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LIVE with Ian Terry after the Latest Big Brother Eviction – 8/22/13

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Four jurors are battling it out to get back in the Big Brother house, and Rob Cesternino and Ian Terry are back to break down another big Thursday night episode on Big Brother Brainiacs!

At the start of the show, Rob asks how much the houseguests actually knew about tonight’s events. Ian doesn’t think they knew explicitly that a juror would be coming back, but says there was definitely some speculation about it in the house this past week on the live feeds. There was mention online that jurors were sequestered separately and never went to the jury house, so the Brainiacs were a little surprised to see Candice, Judd, and Jessie in the jury house tonight. Neither Rob nor Ian liked that the jurors were, like on Big Brother Canada, able to compare notes before getting a chance to return to the game. But that didn’t make them quite as upset as the fact that the evicted jurors were allowed to walk through the front door and back in to the house, even if it made for a fun television moment. Rob thought tonight’s competition was atypical for Big Brother, and Ian notes that it’s a somewhat rare combination of endurance and physical skill. Throughout the show, live feed correspondent Brian Lynch provides Rob and Ian with updates on how many balls people have collected and who has fallen off their pedestal.

Rob brings up Helen’s eviction tonight and asks Ian if this is the first time in Big Brother history that a person trying to argue that the “good people should win” was actually on the money. Ian says he hates when people say that because it’s always bad people who try to use that argument, and thinks that the good people are the jurors currently fighting to get back in the game. Rob also believes that Andy is starting to slip up in his gameplay. He says that it’s such a tell when someone accuses you of something and you act offended that they would think you did it – usually when someone is telling the truth, they will beg the accuser to believe them. Ian mentions that at the end of the day, Big Brother is still a game that favors intelligent people with a lot of puzzles and quizzes, and believes that Andy can still pull out a win. Though Rob and Ian are concerned Andy might be targeted now, Ian isn’t worried about Andy this week though because with a juror back in the game, all the targets will be pointed on Amanda and McCrae.

Rob and Ian also try to forecast the rest of the game for McManda. Rob thinks that the two of them are likely to be nominated because the odds are stacked against them and they’ve both gone so long without being nominated together (McCrae has never been nominated). Rob thinks that McCrae will do much better once Amanda is gone and says that it might be time for him to go into beast mode. Ian agrees, but Brian isn’t sure that McCrae has a beast mode, at least not like Elissa had in this week’s veto competition. Also in the future, Rob tells us to watch for Aaryn breaking the all-time record for HOH wins next week with a fifth victory. Ian would prefer his six-way tie for the record stay intact, and questions whether Aaryn has an Aasterisk on her wins because this season is longer than most. However, he credits Aaryn with winning most of hers before Ian started his winning streak last summer.

At the end of the show, Rob and Ian take viewer questions on whether a returning player can make it to the end, whether or not a juror will pull a Topaz this season, and how bad a of a week this could be for Amanda and McCrae.

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