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Measuring the Fallout for Dan From the Big Brother Double Eviction

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It’s double eviction time in the Big Brother house once again and that means anything can happen. No matter who goes home tonight, Rob Cesternino will be LIVE on Thursday, 9/6 at 10:15 pm ET to get your reactions to the show. We’ll break down the final 5 players of Big Brother 14 and try to get a feel on the new landscape in the house and who the new favorite to win the game may be when the dust settles tonight.

On the double eviction episode, the show started in a pretty straight forward manner. The house completed the blindside of Frank by a vote of 3-1. Frank Eudy left the house never revealing that Dan Gheesling sold out the quack pack to Frank. However, when Dan won HOH he ended up putting up Ian Terry and Joe Arvin on the block. It was unclear if Dan was trying to vote Ian out or not but it was all moot once Ian won the veto.

After taking himself off the block, Dan ended up putting Danielle on the block, which was a shock to everybody. However the house voted 3-0 to keep Danielle in the house.

The question that Rob tries to get to the bottom of is if Dan got closer or further away from winning the game tonight. Rob thinks that Dan may have a bit of a hole to climb out of considering he nominated two people that are still in the game out of the final six. It is unclear though whether or not Ian was originally Dan’s target this week. Now that Dan can’t play in the next HOH will Dan find himself nominated and will he be able to get Ian out of the game before he gets to the final 2.

Plus, don’t miss Rob’s interview with Mike Boogie on Friday.

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It's a Double Eviction Night in the Big Brother 14 house where anything can happen! #ClownShoes It’s a Double Eviction Night in the Big Brother 14 house where anything can happen! #ClownShoes[/caption]
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