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A Big Brother Double Eviction Podcast with Mikey B.

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Mikey B from Survivor Fans Vs. Favorites[/caption]

It was a shocking double eviction night in the Big Brother 13 house as Jeff Schroeder and Daniele Donato were both evicted in the course of one hour.  Rob Cesternino is joined by Mikey B aka Mike Bortone from Survivor Fans vs. Favorites to break it all down.

– What does Mikey B think about the eviction of his friend Daniele from the Big Brother house?

– What does Mikey B have to say about his fellow Survivor Fans vs. Favorites castmates Ozzy Lusth competing on the upcoming season of Survivor, Survivor: South Pacific?

– What does Rob think Big Jeff’s biggest mistake in the Big Brother game may have been?

– Why did it look like Daniele may have almost been saved by Rachel and why did Rachel ultimately decide to vote Dani out of the house?

– What’s next for the 6 remaining players in the house:  Jordan, Rachel, Porsche, Adam, Shelly and Kalia?

– What shocking events took place in the Big Brother house after the live eviction took place.

It’s a Big Brother podcast that’s never AWK-WARD… it’s Rob Has a Podcast.

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