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Big Brother Clue Edition – 09/02/13

The thought I had while watching tonight, is that this season reminds me of one, if not thee most underrated movies of the 1980’s, ClueClue (the movie), like this season of Big Brother takes place in a house filled with not the most savory characters. Like the movie and this season of Big Brother, we the viewers don’t quite know who to root for. Every character in the movie but one (Mr. Green) have all committed at least one cold blooded murder and are figuratively and literally covered with blood. This season of Big Brother has been like watching that movie. There are personality traits that individual viewers might like about different houseguest, but everyone in the house has done something(s) or acted in a way to turn the majority of the viewer’s off to them. The only exception to that might be Judd, but even Judd does not have the likability of a Jeff Schroader, Ian Terry or an AC Slater. This season is lacking that true Hero and has left us choosing between the lesser of evils. From that, I leave you with my Clue/Big Brother blog, with every houseguest left in the house getting assigned a character from the forgotten gem of a movie. Obviously not every comparison of houseguest and movie character are going to seem like doppelganger’s, but I did the best I could dammit!

  (PS: I guarantee you that Clue gets remade in the next seven years, who wants to bet me? The remake dream cast:

  • Colonel Mustard: Phillip Seymour Hoffman,
  • Professor Plum: Richard Jenkins
  • Mr Green: Kirk Cameron
  • Miss Scarlet: Jennifer Lawrence
  • Miss White: Kristen Stewart
  • Miss Peacock: Meryl Streep
  • Wadsworth: Robin Thicke

 On to the loose, highly questionable comparisons!!:

Just like that clip, when Ginamarie talks it sometimes can be confusing or leave people thinking, “What in the hell did she just say”.  Like Mrs Peacock, Ginamarie is flashy and likes to portray herself like she’s a classy broad. Ginamarie has become more likeable (slightly, search your heart you know it to be true). I really liked how she stayed strong this week. I hope she gets rewarded this Thursday and avoids eviction. I think it’s safe to say she is on the bottom of the exterminator’s food chain.  

Like Miss Scarlet, Amanda almost had the scenario where she was going to get away with all her crimes and escape unscathed, but like the sultry Miss Scarlet, Amanda’s days are now numbered. Every episode Amanda seems to evolve more and more into a full-fledged Sociopath.  I think we all get that this game is not easy and the stress of it all can lead to erratic behaviors, but the way Amanda acts leads you to believe two things:

1. She doesn’t hear the word “no” very much.

2. Refer back to number 1.

If I was in the house, for the rest of the week while Amanda is on the block I would carry a bible, holy water and a “How to handle living with a demonic presence in your house for Dummies” book. Her only hope would be a narcissistic one, which is to make hope Mccrae uses the veto on her. Even if Amanda goes out this week, she can at least hold her head high that she will probably be back in a future “Good vs. Evil” all-star Big Brother season, or on VH1’s new show, Rehab for Racist. If nothing else Amanda has made this season more interesting. I think she has made all the moves she can make for this week.  

  • Mccrae as the meek Professor Plum. In the movie Christopher Lloyd plays the disgraced former doctor turned professor. Mccrae has played the part of former powerhouse player into a disgraced, wimpy target. Mccrae(spoiler alert!) winning the POV may be the new lease on life he needed. When I was watching BB after dark on Friday, Mccrae looked like Cameronfrom Ferris Bueller’s day off, he was lying in bed, but in a catatonic trance, the last two days he has been showing some signs of life. Obviously he wants to stay in the house, but Amanda potentially leaving this week clearly has him emotional. Side Note as Mccrae and I have a man to man talk: Really Mccrae? You’re literally crying over the thought of Amanda being sent to the jury house? Really? I get it, she is attractive, but have you blacked out, or are you in denial with every glaring red flag that she has flashed you this summer? When you see her interact with people, do you really think to yourself, “That is the women I want to spend the rest of my life with and be the mother to my children”?  Anyway, Professor Mccrae needs to buddy up with the exterminators and hope for an HOH competition geared towards people in the Pizza delivery field.
  •  Andy as Wadsworth the Butler and/or Mr. Body. Depending on which scenario during the ending of Clue you like, the brilliant Tim Curry plays either the two- faced Mr. Body pretending to be the butler Wadsworth, or just the humble Butler Wadsworth, who knows how to shed tears for sympathy. In the movie, we never know for sure what side or who Wadsworth is with. Andy has been this way much of the season, weaving back and forth throughout the house. Andy on paper is saying that he is with the exterminators, but is this just Andy scrambling to survive with the writing on the wall that the McCranda era is now over? Some people are thinking that Andy and Judd are now the two most powerful people in the house, but I’m not totally convinced yet. I think Andy needs to continue to build his relationship with Judd and ride that wave the rest of this season. Andy seems to be doing something that seldom gets talked about, which is managing potential jury votes, as he has done a good job interacting with Amanda and Mccrae, in hopes that if he does make it to the finals he would have their votes. Andy has always been intelligent and this aspect of the game is right up Andy’s sleeve.
  • Judd as Mr. Green. In the movie, Mr. Green is an undercover FBI agent working for J.Edgar Hoover. In a house filled with people that have done and said despicable things, like Mr Green, Judd can say:

Like Mr. Green, Judd has done a great job blending in and doing what he needs to do to survive. Mr. Green is the only one with a clear conscious in the movie, which seems consistent with Judd’s persona this season. The double eviction is coming up this week so I’m sure Judd will have PTSD around that, but I really think he is going to be safe. The only potential danger I see for Judd is if whoever stays between Mccrae/Amanda winning HOH during the next live show, then maybe he would be in danger. Barring that, I think Judd will be fine, because he seems to be the one person that everybody left in the house really wants to work with. Judd should be working on his management of potential Jury members, because his argument in a final scenario would be tougher than everybody else, because he was already voted out.

Both have had tremendous bad luck while being locked in a house. Like Colonel Mustard, Spencer had some sensitive secrets come out to the rest of the house early on (the moving company) and it has haunted him since. Spencer, to his credit has gotten his game back to even after being in the negative for so long. Spencer’s mission now is to be in a blood pact with at least two of the remaining six houseguest and hope for some luck to finally go his way. Spencer it feels like, could be a casualty of the double eviction if anything goes haywire on Thursday. Who is the person in the house right now, most likely to trust and take Spencer to the finals? I would think it would be Judd or maybe Andy. If that is the reality, than Spencer needs to make Judd see the light and be “Tango” to Spencer’s “Cash”.  

  • Elissa as the depressing Miss White. So this whole comparison thing may be running out of steam, but hey Miss White had some crazy facial expressions in the movie and Elissa has had some crazy facial expressions during this season! Elissa seems like she may be the lamb to slaughter if the survivor of the Mccraea/Amanda clan win HOH or POV during the double eviction. Elissa set into motion last week what has now evolved into the destruction of Amanda and for that she will probably be getting the Congressional Medal of Honor later this year. I truly believe that Elissa needs to win HOH next or she will be one of the next two people evicted.


   The movie ends with three different scenarios being shown, with the first two scenarios getting a title saying, “This is how it could have happened”.  The last scenario gets the title of “This is whatprobably happened” This is exactly where we are in the Big Brother game. My three Clue scenarios for who will win the game are:

1.    Mccrae seems to be a long-shot, but if certain things break his way he could win the game. I have this as the least likely of the three scenarios, as it’s unlikely to happen, but possible. If you wanted to bet in Vegas this would be the one that would pay out the most money.

2.   Andy-This is a bigger possibility then Mccrae’s, but not the most likely scenario. I like Andy’s chances if he makes it to the finals, but I see him most likely not getting brought there because his relationship is good with the majority of the Jury.

3.   Judd –The most likely winner of the game, this is the most likely scenario to play out this season. Judd appears to have the mojo and swag in his favor right now. Nothing is guaranteed, but Judd seems to be Like Mr. Green closing the case at the end of the movie and therefore I see Judd leaving the house with the cleanest conscious and a smile on his face:

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