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Ian Terry Previews the Cast of Big Brother Canada

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Ian Terry (@TulaneTerry) is the winner of Big Brother 14 and as a lifelong Big Brother fan, Ian is the perfect person to give first impressions of the new Big Brother Canada cast. Rob Cesternino and Ian discuss the format of the Canadian version of the show and the new players on an all Big Brother Canada edition of Rob has a Podcast.

Rob and Ian discuss the new show while will begin airing on SLICE in Canada this Wednesday night. The top prize for winning Big Brother Canada is 100,000 tax free Canadian dollars (which is roughly $97,000 US before taxes). The winner also will receive a $25,000 gift card to a store called “The Brick” and a new car.

Rob and Ian also describe the new Big Brother Canada house which appears to be much nicer that the US Big Brother house. There are 15 players who will be competing in the Canadian Big Brother house which features a full dining room and an indoor backyard area, protected from the frigid elements.

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