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Big Brother Canada premiered this week on Wednesday night and we’ve already had our first houseguest evicted from the house. Rob Cesternino is joined by RHAP Chief Big Brother Correspondent, Brian Lynch (@LynchMGM) via google hangout to discuss the premiere, recap the first week and give us up to the minute Big Brother canada news.

Rob and Brian begin by discussing how impressed they have been with Big Brother Canada so far. The house is impressive and the game is identical to the American version of Big Brother. There are a number of interesting characters in the house, including first HOH, Suzette, whom Rob believes will have a breakdown before the end of the season and is a complete train wreck. Rob and Brian also like Arissa Cox, the host of Big Brother Canada, whom also appears to be more warm and engaging than her Big Brother US counterpart.

Rob and Brian discussed the twist in the first episode where Suzette became the first HOH and nominated “those two guys”, who turned out to be Tom and Emmett. Though Tom won the power of veto to save himself, resulting in Suzette needing to name a replacement nomination. (Rob and Brian both believed that the actual power of veto necklace is terrible and the biggest complaint so far about the show – which is pretty good that this is the biggest complaint).

The guys discuss how Aneal is playing the game extremely hard right now, trying to get Gary Glitter up on the block by getting his glitter all over the house. However, Suzette decided to target Kat and accused her of being a bully in the game. On Thursdays live show Kat was evicted by everybody except for one vote. Also on Thursday, our friend Dan Gheesling showed up for the live show to give his opinion on strategy, which Rob agreed with – “step back and let everybody blow each other’s heads off”.

In the second half of the show, Rob and Brian discussed the latest nominations for eviction that were revealed and the strategy of the current HOH in the house.

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