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Liza Stinton and Tom Plant were the showmance that all of the other players tried to get out of the Big Brother Canada house. Last Thursday, the house got their wish sending both Tom and Liza out in one double eviction episode. Fresh off of their Big Brother Canada experience, Rob Cesternino talks with Tom and Liza about their time in the house.Rob first asks Tom and Liza about how they feel after watching all of the episodes. Tom doesn’t like the perception that people have of him and he says that he is not a villain. Tom feels like the person he was could only be seen if you watched the live feeds of the show and not the episodes. Liza felt that she too was not portrayed correctly on the show, but for the opposite reasons. Liza felt like she was more of a villain than what was actually portrayed on the series.

Tom and Liza discussed their former houseguests at great length. Tom said that he’s looking forward to giving Peter Brown the opportunity to say what he has to say to him face-to-face, but he also thinks Peter will win the game. Liza was also very pro-Peter and thinks he will win the game as well. Liza was very vocal about her dislike of Topaz and said that she doesn’t respect her game at all. Liza and Tom were both vocal about how they don’t like Andrew and don’t think he’s a good player at all. Liza also says that she will never speak to Emmett after the show is over. The couple also agreed that Gary is an underestimated threat in the Big Brother Canada house.

Finally, Tom and Liza answer a number of questions from the Rob Has a Podcast audience, even inviting the haters to ask the tough questions.

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