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Danielle on her Shocking Big Brother Canada Eviction

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LIVE on Google Hangout, Rob Cesternino chats with the latest houseguest evicted from Big Brother Canada, Danielle Alexander. We’ll talk with Danielle about her experience and her shocking eviction from the house this week, plus we’ll get the latest news from the Big Brother Canada Live feeds from Brian Lynch.

Rob starts off by asking Danielle about the blind side that took her out of the game and just how shocked she was. Rob wants to know who betrayed Danielle the worst and she felt like it was Jillian who made promises to her. Jillian re-enacts the moment when she found out that she was the one going. She wishes she had known because she could’ve prepared herself better for that moment.

Danielle also discusses why she was targetted by the Quattro alliance of Tom, Emmett, Peter and Alec who decided to keep Aneal safe instead of her. Danielle described what it was like for her to be in an alliance with Gary and why she loves Gary so much. Rob asked Danielle about her and Gary drinking all of the Vodka and Danielle doesn’t regret drinking that much at all.

Danielle wasn’t thrilled with the way that she was edited to seem jealous of Jillian and Emmitt’s relationship in the house. Danielle said that she was not trying for Emmitt at all during the game.

Later Brian Lynch joins Rob and Danielle to discuss the latest drama in the house that is going on after the power of veto ceremony. Plus, Rob, Brian and Danielle try to figure out what the latest twist will be to the game that Big Brother mentioned on the last episode involving Thursday’s LIVE show. Finally, Brian describes what happened in the house after the telephone rang once again.

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