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Rob’s Big Problem With the Instant Eviction on Big Brother Canada

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This week, Big Brother Canada was rocked by another twist as an “instant eviction” sent shockwaves through the house. Rob is joined by Brian Lynch to discuss everything that has happened since Sunday night’s explosive episode.

Rob discusses why he was so against the Instant Eviction twist. Rob didn’t mind that Andrew and AJ were put on the block without a chance to win the veto, Rob’s biggest problem was that the show betrayed Topaz’ trust and broadcast her decision to the entire house. Players like Andrew, AJ and Talla all heard what Topaz truly thought about them. Rob felt like no Big Brother player will ever be able to trust that their conversation with the host will NOT be broadcast in a similar way to the rest of the house.

After the instant eviction, Andrew became the Head of Household and named Topaz and Gary as the replacement nominees. In addition, Rob and Brian laughed about how Gary cried about being a have not for the week. Rob thinks that this could be a problem as a Big Brother Canada viewer if Gary goes home because he is bringing a lot to the table right now.

Later, Brian updates Rob on the most recent events in the house which center around Talla. Talla was caught trying to snuggle with Alec by Topaz and then got very drunk during the week. After Talla passed out on the floor, houseguest had to try and help her get to bed.

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