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Ika Wong Recaps the Big Brother Canada 2 Week 5 Eviction


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Rob Cesternino, Brian Lynch and recent evictee Ika Won are live to talk about the Big Brother Canada 2 episodes from Wednesday and Thursday.

Rob kicks off this episode with jokes about Ika shredding the letters. She expresses her happiness with Canada’s nomination of Sabrina and Andrew, as well as Andrew’s eviction. Ika think Andrew was nominated because they saw him being disgusting, distasteful and being a jerk. She says Sabrina’s nomination was sweet revenge and better that Canada chose these nominees rather than a BBCAN2 Houseguest.

Ika continues discussing the Houseguests by saying she likes Heather and her perception of Heather has changed. Rob asks Ika to explain her nominations of Heather and Paul as Head of Household. She explains that her strategy was for long-term gain, wanting Heather out because no one liked her at the time and Paul would be a number for her to continue forward with. Ika thinks Sabrina was successful in manipulating Rachelle to nominate her and to protect the First Five alliance.

Rob wants to know what Ika thinks about Allison and her game. Ika was not going to like whoever came into the house late, but especially didn’t like Allison because she called herself a “boy’s girl.” Ika predicts Allison will be the target, by association of Andrew (same as Sabrina and Kenny).

While shredding the letters from home, Ika had no idea the other houseguests were watching. She did it with full knowledge they weren’t going to save her and didn’t like her. Ika believe people who were safe (for example, Kenny or Arlie) would have taken the letters to further their game.

Last night’s episode saw Kenny coming out to Sarah, which left her shocked. She had no clue that Kenny is gay and was looking for her gay best friend. She thinks he held that information back for strategy purposes. Rob asks Brian how does he think Kenny is doing seducing women. Brian says that this can only continue if Sarah will keep his secret.

Ika’s perception of Arlie is that he is in the middle and will go to the side with the power. She states that he is in a good position to slide to the end of the game, having never trusted him while she was in the house. Discussion continues around Allison’s lie about her entrance into the house and Sabrina’s confrontation.


Brian is delighted to reveal that Heather is the Head of Household. The target for Heather appears to be Kenny, with Allison as her second nominee. All three talk about how Sabrina is another option and who is a bigger threat in the game: Sabrina or Kenny.

Brian reveals the six million number released a hidden Veto. The Houseguests were seen making sock puppets of another houseguest and talking from their perspective (for example, Neda talking as Jon). Ika is asked who she thinks will be evicted during this week’s double eviction, then puts it out in the universe that she thinks Kenny and Sabrina will go.

Discussion continues around conversations in the house: Sarah confront Jon and Arlie about targeting Kenny, and Allison’s supposed boyfriend back home.

Tune in Tuesday, April 8 for a LIVE recap of Sunday’s Big Brother Canada 2 episode, featuring the winner of Big Brother 15 Andy.

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap: Interview with Ika Wong

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap: Interview with Ika Wong

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