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Last Word on the Big Brother Canada Finale with Dan Gheesling

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Big Brother US 10 champion and Big Brother US 14 finalist Dan Gheesling joins Rob Cesternino to discuss the finale of the Big Brother Canada Season One.  Rob jumps right into discussing the controversy of the finale, where Topaz voted for Jillian to win rather than her best friend in the house, Gary.  Dan believes that everyone involved in these type of competition shows, such as Big Brother and Survivor, should know that, in the end, the jury is voting for who they want to win.  Being in the crowd, watching the reaction of the families off camera had even more of an emotional impact on Dan. He does confirm that Gary was gracious in this situation and spoke well of everyone involved when interviewed after the show.

Overall, both Dan and Rob feel this outcome may be the best thing for Gary.  They feel this ending is going to provide Gary with an even larger stage to continue getting his message out, if he chooses.  Rob hopes Gary doesn’t fall into the trap of doing club appearances every weekend and takes advantage of this opportunity for a greater good. Dan feels that the opportunities are greatest in the first few seasons of shows and this may be the case for the first season of Big Brother Canada.

Rob and Dan discuss the jury questions. Dan feels the questions did not allow the finalists the opportunities to explain themselves.  Most seemed to be voting based on emotion, even though the lying and backstabbing is part of the game.  Dan wonders if age is a factor.  He suggests that younger competitors seem to hold more grudges.  Rob hypothesizes that, without lying and backstabbing, players would always have to win competitions and tell people to their faces that they are targets. Dan likens this scenario to sporting events and, if this were the case, he would just go watch sports.

Rob asks Dan about his BBCAN sleepover and which of the houseguests (Emmett, Jillian, Talla, Andrew, and Gary) were most receptive to his advice. Dan explains that he stopped watching the show when he found out about the sleepover, to minimize his biases.  He also ensured to not offer advice but to provided it only went asked.  Andrew was not receptive to Dan’s presence until only the final hour, but it was clear he was going to remain loyal to his East Coast alliance.  Dan was very impressed to see Emmett’s game from the inside, noting only made one mistake which was to keep Gary over Andrew.  Dan also gives Gary credit for convincing Emmett that Andrew and Jillian were too close.  Still, Dan considered Emmett’s ability to put out fires and control the game to be almost flawless.

Rob asks Dan if Jillian listened to any of his advice.  Dan explained that Jillian listened then went right to Emmett to discuss it.  He thought the only way she could win was sitting beside Talla.  Rob feels that, if Gary had won, there would be an asterisk by his name.  Dan disagrees, believing he still need to rebuild relationships when he reentered the house.  Rob feels the 3 weeks in the jury house was like having immunity and not having to get blood on his hands.  They both agree there is more than one way to look at the situation.

Dan and Rob go on to answering over 20 minutes of viewer submitted questions then Brian Lynch provides his final thoughts on this inaugural season, so check out this entertaining podcast!


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