Big Brother Canada Season 6 - 2018

Big Brother Canada 6 Preseason Power Rankings with Liana Boraas

Matt Liguori ranks the houseguests each week with a new guest in RHAP’s Big Brother Canada Power Rankings. This week Matt is joined by RHAP B&B co-host and star of Liana Saturdays, Liana Boraas!


  • Power Rankings will contain information from the live feeds. If you are only watching Big Brother Canada 6 episodes and consider information from the feeds to be spoilers, come back after watching the eviction episodes!).
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Big Brother Canada 6 Preseason Rankings

Some people say the holidays are the best time of the year. My guess is that those people are not Big Brother Canada fans. Big Brother Canada is BACK for another season, back from the dead thanks in part to a huge effort by Rob Cesternino and a petition signed by thousands to bring back one of the best versions of Big Brother the world has to offer. It’s such a shame we even had to explore the possibility of cancelation or hiatus in the first place, but we can now put that all behind us because we are back and better than ever.

So along with a new season comes a whole new cast. BBCAN5 dipped into the returning players (which was fantastic, and the season remains one of my favorite Big Brother seasons of all time), but now we’re back to a whole set of newbies. We’ve got 14 confirmed new houseguests with 4 waiting eagerly to find out whether or not Canada (and you know, the sneaky rest of the world) voted them into the house.

My first impression of this cast wasn’t the greatest, but after combing through all of their interviews again and breaking them down one by one, I’m feeling a lot better. BBCAN has never delivered a bad cast, and I see no reason why they would start now. I do find it comical how many of these new houseguests resemble past houseguests so closely. It’s so easy, particularly in the preseason, to fit these people into a box and identify them as the players we already know that they look or sound or talk like, but I’m sure they’ll all grow into their own identities as players.

To preview this new BBCAN cast, I brought in an always reliable power ranker, Liana Boraas! If you checked out the preseason rankings for Celebrity Big Brother, you may remember that Liana had the season’s final 2 (Marissa and Ross) as her #1 and #2 ranked players. Just reminding you guys so you know which side of these rankings to really pay attention to. Follow Liana and myself on Twitter, @LianaBoraas and @mattliguori, tweet us and let us know what you think and/or leave a comment below!

  • Note: We ranked the 14 confirmed cast members and “Canada’s cast” separately, so scroll down for those four!







1. Will

NuJon Pardy is such a lovable guy, how could I not put him in first? He’s 25 and has a kid; so imagine this guy… with this accent… telling adorable stories… about his probably adorable child. Really?! Who is sending him home?! I can’t imagine a scenario where Will becomes a target early on because he’s just seems like a great time, and not somebody planning to start confrontation. I’m not sure exactly how much of the game Will knows, but if he can learn as he goes, just like Jon did, and perhaps link onto a smart strategic female, just like Jon did, I see no reason why he can’t win…. (say it with me now) just like Jon did.


 1. Ali

As my yassssss queeen of the season I don’t expect Ali to ultimately win. That being said, I think she has a decent shot at the title as she seems to say all the right things. Ali is athletic but knows to try and play a strong social game while staying under the radar early. She also cites adaptability as a key part of her strategy which could mean A) she has no idea what she’s doing or B) she truly believes being adaptable is important for Big Brother; I hope for her sake it’s the later.


2. Paras

NuNeda is the top contender out of the women going into the house. She seems confident, friendly, funny, and has her head on straight. I really do see Paras playing a game just like Neda’s from BBCAN2. Not sure who she’ll attach herself to, but she has plenty of options to chose from.

 2. Andrew

I wouldn’t be able to bear losing Andrew early. I can’t quite put my finger on it but Andrew has a sweet, honeyish aura about him that makes me want to be his friend. I believe those personable qualities will help his game so he can just relax and have a picnic early in the season. I worry that while Andrew will be able to hibernate behind his social game early, he will be perceived as a threat to win and get taken out as summer draws near and the game comes to an end.


3. Derek

So many Vancouver people moving into the house! (I was going to make a joke about Brock Boeser and my guy Mat Barzal, but in the last 24 hours Boeser’s season has come to an end due to injury and that’s really crappy, so there goes my joke. Get well, Brock!)

Anyways, Derek was a top candidate to be my official winner pick before I watched Will’s videos. He seems level-headed enough to get by, but I’m worried he won’t be able to make quieter moves like he may need to. He reminds me of Demetres in a few ways, so hopefully for his sake he ends up more like Demetres than like Jared.


 3. Will

This single dad is so lovable but impossible to understand. Thankfully Big Brother has been good with the subtitles thus far. I don’t anticipate Will to be any sort of strategic mastermind especially considering his alliance won’t be able to understand a word he says. What Will lacks in strategy but more than makes up for by being affable and humorous. These two traits alone will carry him far into the game despite his Broca’s Aphasia.

4. Jesse

Just like Derek, Jesse seems really level-headed. Each season tends to have the young guy who’s douche-like, and I don’t see any of these three guys being that person. He’s 24, right in the age range of the majority of the house. He’s a sales executive, so he already knows how to work with people. Jesse seems like a pretty big threat. With the right allies, he’ll be one to watch.


 4. Johnny

I love hiiiiimmmmmm! Johnny is a super fan that has studied the comps and house dynamics but knows to downplay his fandom. I believe Johnny will be able to find a solid alliance, subtly pull the strings, and ride things to the end. Even if he doesn’t do as well as I hope/think he will, he describes himself as a cross between Mitch and Rachel Reilly and therefore should make for some great TV.


5. Kaela

Miss Bubbly bubbly bubbly thinks she’ll be underestimated. Kaela says she plays a lot of sports and is bubbly, so she thinks she’ll have a leg up on the competition because they’ll never see that bubbly athletic side coming. A player who has bubbly and athletic qualities like Kaela should do well, but if they do detect she’s bubbly and athletic, they may see her as a threat. Also, she describes herself as bubbly.

I see no reason why Kaela shouldn’t at least make jury, but that bio-video was torture.


5. Paras

I’ve heard others praise Paras and even compare her to BBCAN2 Neda. I think she has Neda upside but I don’t share the same strong feelings about her. There can be a significant disconnect between reading How to Win Friends and Influence People and ACTUALLY winning friends and influencing people. That being said Paras does come across as likable and friendly so hopefully she can put some of that book learnin’ to good use.


6. Ali

I can’t get a great read on Ali. She seems nice, inoffensive, sociable. But there’s absolutely nothing in her preseason interviews for me to sink my teeth into. I’m not even sure what past houseguest I would compare her to. The fact that I can’t figure her out her leaves me hopeful because I think the houseguests may feel the same way, and find she isn’t an obvious threat.


 6. Erica

I get good vibes from Erica although I can see her rubbing some of the other houseguests the wrong way. She considers herself a neat freak but won’t GAF about others (we’ll see if that actually happens). I can see her pissing people, flaming out, and going home early, or finding a tight alliance and making a deep run. I dig all her hats so hopefully I can sort out where she got those before she goes home.


7. Erica

I really think Willow will take full advantage of her second shot. She got screwed the first go-round by a triple eviction, but she’s back for a second shot at the title and I really think she could take it all the way, following in the footsteps of her fellow triple-evictee Kevin Martin!

I know, I’m not funny. Erica seems awesome and I’m rooting for her. I think she’s capable of playing a strong game, but she’ll likely stand out as a big threat.

 7. Jesse

Jesse describes his job as “meets with business men on the daily for coffee and lunch and tries to sell them things”. While this statement is probably much more innocuous than it sounds, Jesse’s style of salesmanship probably won’t translate to the game of Big Brother. That being said, Ika described her game play as “working like a hooker on Yonge street” and she played exceptionally well during BBCAN5.


8. Johnny

On the bright side, he’s self aware! Johnny may a big target early on and he knows it. He seems like he knows the game well, but as we know, that’s not enough. Just ask your fellow Big Brother Canada Johnny, who was smart, social, and knew the game so well he named his dog “Veto.” Big Brother Canada casts have evicted a gay man pre-jury every season except BBCAN4, where Mitch was the first jury member instead of pre-jury. I really hope this Johnny can make it farther than I’m expecting him to, but I don’t have a good feeling about it.


 8. Maddy

I can’t think of a previous houseguest that has been more aggressive and forward about making a showmance the cornerstone of their strategy. Maddy literally calls her approach the “Big Banger” strategy (she should trademark this before I steal it). Showmances aren’t the kiss of death we commonly assume, but they work well because of the solid relationship between the two partners. Trying to force that kind of trust and chemistry probably won’t lead to the same result. That being said, I can’t wait to see how this plays out.


9. Maddy

Scared of Octopuses. Wants a showmance, but not a real one. Anyone else confused? I can see Maddy coming in hot and scaring the rest of the house with how smart she is. Someone’s gotta take charge and get the ball rolling for an alliance; I can see Maddy fitting into that role while thinking nobody sees it happening, but really, everybody does.


 9. Derek

Who? Oh right, the Zac Efron wannabe who has explicitly stated he wants to sell his fashion blog and Instagram. As a fan I LOOVVEEEE when people come on the show trying to get famous… Derek doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of the game but maybe he will learn to play and the shameless promotions will subside. To be fair, Christmas came into the BB19 house plugging her book at look how that worked out for her! (….oh wait….)


10. Olivia

Listen, I don’t want to dish out a brutal cast assessment here, but wowwww Olivia bores me. She seems quite talkative, but then again, the last person in a Big Brother house who wouldn’t stop talking won the whole season (hey, Marissa). I don’t see anything about her that has me excited to see her play the game, but if she happens to be good TV, then yes, that’s what I want.


10. Kaela

In her one minute video Kaela used the wordy “bubbly” to describe herself three times. I wonder if she considers herself bubbly? Kaela and all her bubbles would probably drive me crazy in the house and I can’t help but feel her housemates will feel the same way. She is athletic and 100% down for a showmance so knowing my luck she will last a while. I wish I could be there to burst her Big Brother bubble.

11. Andrew

The Big Brotha on Big Brother! I think Andrew will keep the mood light in the house if he’s able to lay low and let the kids all go after one another. If he does emerge as a big player early on, Andrew’s almost a lock to go pre-jury. If he ends up playing like Poppin Paul Jackson, we’re in for a fun first few weeks, but look somewhere else to find our winner.

11. Rozina

I feel bad but I can’t help but put Rozina in either the early boot or the goat category. I hope Rozina can make a deep run in this game as I think she’s a complete hoot (she calls herself a firecracker that wants to make big moves). My dream for Rozina is she is underestimated as the crazy “old” lady early and turns it out in the end game. I doubt that will happen, but a girl can dream!

12. Rozina

If she sticks around longer than BBCAN4 Christine did, I think we’ll have fun with Rozina. But don’t even think for a second I’m ready to let Rozina try and be as popular as Queen Karen. Karen was a gem, once in a lifetime casting and if they’re trying to recreate that magic here, it won’t work. I’m still hopeful she’s a good time, because we know she’s not winning.


 12. Olivia

I had a hard time ranking Olivia because I just find her so boring (which is ironic considering she said she applied to Big Brother because she doesn’t want to live a boring life). She wants to be honest and not play dirty. She’ll probably go deep because she seems to fall in the “bump on the log” category of houseguests. Hopefully I’m wrong and we get some decent TV out of her. All this being said I can see myself rooting for her ironically if she’s weird or boring enough.

13. Hamza

Hamza admits he hates to lose and gets sour when beaten. Sounds great! So the first time Hamza goes on the block, he’ll blow up and give the house every reason to send him home. I see almost no upside to Hamza as a player, but I hope Hamza as a TV personality delivers when he flames out a la BBCAN3 legend Graig.


 13. Ryan

Ryan looks like a red-headed Brian Posehn and sounds like Seth Rogen. I know none of that has anything to do with his winners equity but it had to be said. Ryan is going to be a hot mess and I’m here for it. I mean, come on, this narcoleptic super fan wants to be the super-villain. Big Brother PLEASE give Ryan some power early in the game that he will abuse leading to his gloriously messy exit from the house.


14. Ryan

I was so surprised to see Ryan chosen as early as he was in the LFC draft. I couldn’t possibly be lower on Ryan. He wants to try to be the funny guy, the villain, the bully who is “just joking”. You’re moving into a Big Brother house! Nothing is taken lightly, and if you start taking jabs at people you just met, they will not react well. If Ryan makes the jury, I can’t even tell you how surprised I’ll be, unless some twist carries him there.

 14. Hamza

Oh Hamza. There are so many glorious red flags here. He says he’s a sore loser, wants to show that you can be overconfident, wants to be a lone wolf in zero alliances, and believes he can win every competition. If this isn’t a recipe for disaster I don’t know what is. My gut tells me he’s first out but I think I said something similar about Josh in the preseason for BB19 and we all know how that worked out.


Canada’s cast


1. Merron

Merron, just like Ali, I can’t get a great read on. He seems nice and normal (just like Ali), which could be great for his game if he can float to the end. Unfortunately, if there’s an HoH looking for an easy target, the quiet but social player is always a good choice. Looking at this cast though, I’m feeling like Merron will hang in for a while.


 1. Merron

I can’t help but compare him directly to his competition to enter the house and next to Mikey, Merron looks like a fantastic Big Brother player. Is he boring? Yes. Will he give us good TV? Probably not, but he won’t piss anyone off which is critical to at least making jury. He’s just so personable I can actually see Merron as our winner (assuming he actually gets into the house).

2. Kirsten

I am so excited to see what Kirsten can do if she gets in that house. It’s no secret that Kirsten is a friend of mine (and Liana, and a good number of people in the world of RHAP) and so I have been voting for her non-stop. But, as I’ve said on twitter, I’m fully prepared to critique her game, call out the good and the bad, and be extremely fair when it comes to ranking her. Kirsten has what it takes to do well, and I think this cast has a handful of potential allies for her. I’m sure she’s already planning on it, but please please keep the superfan hat off your head! Yes, that means no live podcasts every night. (Love ya, JP!)

2. Kirsten

Kirsten and I have been friends for over a year, skype regularly, share makeup/jewelry/clothes/skin care routines, and have bunked together at live KIA events so writing three sentence about her Big Brother potential is really bizarre and seems so superficial. Man, it’s waaaayyyy easier to simplistically judge people you haven’t met. Here’s what I will say for now, Kirsten does really well with one-on-one interactions but she can sometimes get on people’s nerves and come across as “fake” or performative in group settings which could hurt her chances. That being said, she did introduce me to The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum which I LOVE so maybe she can use that method to win over the houseguests.

3. Veronica

If Veronica were to enter the house, I don’t think she would do nearly as bad as many people are suggesting. I think her game would be very similar to Allison’s from BBCAN2, which (with a few corrections) could’ve brought her to the very end. She just doesn’t seem too invested in the game itself and the open desire for a showmance isn’t my favorite.

 3. Mikey

Talk about the definition of a smarmy comic book villain, Mikey seems to check all the boxes. Patterned 3-piece suit? Check. Interesting facial hair? Check. A strong desire to explain his plan to his victims when it’s entirely unnecessary giving the protagonist a chance to escape? Not sure but probably. This man will give us good TV, glorious, dumpster fire TV. Merron may have a way better shot to win, but Mikey has “letter shredding” upside.

4. Mikey

Sooorry, Mikey! I really like this guy as a potential TV character, but I just can’t see him doing well if he makes it in the house. Like I said above, I don’t see a douche in the rest of the younger guy on this cast, but there has to be one! I think Mikey played up a character in his videos, as he should have, but if he truly is anything like that character and he comes in hot, he’s looking at a one-way ticket out the door pre-jury.

4. Veronica

Veronica seems like a lovely woman and I’m sure I would enjoy being her friend but she has a lot of negatives when it comes to Big Brother. She’s a hopeless romantic in search of a showmance, she wants to play the game in a kind and genuine way, and she doesn’t have a lot of game knowledge. While you can still win with that type of personality *cough* Jordan Lloyd *cough* I don’t think she’s going to make it into the house.


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