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Rob Cesternino is joined by Neda Kalantar to recap this week’s BBCAN3 HOH competition, the Returning Player and Power of Veto plus updates the Live Feeds.

Rob is joined by Big Brother Canada 2 contestant Neda Kalantar (@Neda_Kalantar) and live feed correspondent Shannon Bauer (@sbauer17) to talk about Episodes 12 and 13 of Big Brother Canada 3.

Neda begins the conversation by talking about Jordan’s poor play this week. She doesn’t understand why he would volunteer to go on the block. Rob says that he feels bad because Jordan is a long time listener of the Podcast.

Rob asks why Zach needed to become Head of Household this week. Neda isn’t completely sure, but guesses that Zach felt he needed to stop laying low. Neda says that in a twist heavy season like this, you can’t try to predict the twists. If you make a plan, stick to it. Neda also points out that Newport’s idea that Newport is laying low is completely false. Rob and Neda think Jordan throwing the Veto will haunt him for a long time if he is voted out this week. Neda believes the only time it is too early to make a big move is Week 1. Neda explains that part of her success in the game as opposed to the current superfans is that she hid her knowledge.

Rob says he was blown away by Godfrey’s speech because he took advantage of the anti-Zach sentiment started by Sindy’s return into the house by targeting Zach and showing that the house can weaken Zach by taking out his strongest ally. Rob says that this might be the best Veto speech ever. Neda says that if you’re not going to be taken off the block you should call people out.

Rob feels Jordan will be able to get a new life in this game if he can survive this week.

Neda hates returning players, both as a fan and player, but she prefers the returnee coming back pre-jury. Rob says he doesn’t mind returnees but doesn’t like that they were housed together. Neda feels that being sequestered with the other members of the First Five might be an equalizer for being at such a disadvantage coming back into the house.

Rob asks if Naeha was the Neda of this season. Neda thinks that they are both strong in challenges, but Naeha was more physical and outspoken. Neda says that Sarah and Godfrey are playing the closest game to her’s right now.

Rob and Neda then take questions from the Rob Has a Podcast community, including Sindy’s chances moving forward, if Willow is getting a poor edit, whether it’s good to vote out Jordan this week, and if Zach is one of the worst Head of Households of all time.

Rob, Neda, and Shannon then discuss the live feeds, including whether Sindy can vote, who is going home, how Godfrey and J.P. are campaigning, and managing large personalities.

Special Thanks to Kyle Faber for this episode recap

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