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Big Brother Canada 2015: Instant Eviction, HOH, POV & Live Feeds Recap


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Rob Cesternino recaps the Instant Eviction, HOH, POV and Live Feeds from this week’s BBCan3 tonight with a panel of new BBcan Live Feed experts.

Rob Cesternino recaps the Instant Eviction, HOH, POV and Live Feeds from this week’s BBCan3 with returning potential BBCan Live Feed experts, Shannon Bauer and Taran Armstrong.

Starting where the last podcast left off, the first topic of discussion was the Instant Eviction. As a result of the Instant Eviction, Kevin nominated Naeha and Brittnee, with Naeha being sent home. Rob and the panel agreed that the Instant Eviction process seemed unfair and that while Naeha probably would have been evicted soon by the Chop Shop anyway, she was playing hard and should have a fair chance. They also felt that method of revealing the votes seemed odd.

Going into the episodes on Sunday and Monday, Rob turned the conversation to the HOH competition, one which has not been seen before. The panel was surprised but pleased to see Brittnee’s transformation from a passive player to an aggressive one once she became the HOH. They also liked the dramatics of her plan to backdoor Graig after putting up challenge competitors Kevin and Bobby, but thought that she might be playing too hard too fast.

The panel was surprised by the POV competition, in particular by Kevin throwing the challenge and Zach seeming to not throw the challenge. They then covered the confrontation between Brittnee and Graig, viewing that Brittnee going off on Graig was a bad choice but made for good TV. Also, they think Johnny will be hurt by Graig assuming that Johnny threw him under the bus. Regarding the POV ceremony, Rob, Shannon, and Taran were pleased by Johnny taking Kevin off the block and Brittnee replacing him with Graig.

Once the conversation turned to the live feeds, Taran reported that Graig has been moping around the house since finding out he will be evicted and has been talking about self-evicting. Rob is disappointed by the general trend of big alpha males coming into the game with fight and going out without a struggle, but enjoy the drama they bring while a part of the game. Rob and the panel attribute this trend to their lack of knowing the show, their egos getting deflated, and casting. They all agree that Graig will be evicted by a large margin, but think that he has a good chance of returning to the game via the competition for the first five evicted houseguests.

The conversation then turned to speculation about if the first five evicted houseguests are being sequestered from one another or are currently living together, followed by a discussion as to what the format for the return process will be.

Returning to the topic of the live feeds, Taran reported on the formation of an alliance between Zach, Jordan, Kevin, Johnny, Sarah, and Brittnee, originally called the Purple Cobra and now called Hexagon. Rob thinks Jordan could be in trouble if Zach and Kevin talk about their respective alliances with him. However, once Shannon brought up the issue of members’ side alliances and Taran brought up that Sarah or Johnny has to win HOH because the other members will either throw the challenge or, in the case of Brittnee, are ineligible to compete, Rob voiced doubts about Hexagon’s potential for success as a whole. He then brought up his issue with the alliance names “Hexagon” and “The Bromuda Triangle” based on their incorporation of numbers and gender in their titles.

Next, Shannon discussed the future of the Chop Shop and whether or not they will stick together without Graig. Taran mentioned that they are in the process of reeling in Godfrey to replace him, but that the female members of the Chop Shop seem to be drifting. In response to Rob’s question, Taran thinks Bruno is social and strategic, and was hurt by his association with Graig and Shannon thinks Bobby was also harmed by working with Graig, but that his strength is more in his social game than in his strategy. Rob then posed the question of Godfrey being an invigorating force as Graig’s replacement, but no one thought the Chop Shop will last much longer.

In a similar format to his question about Bruno and Bobby, Rob asked about Willow and Ashleigh. Shannon reported that Willow has been having nervous breakdowns and that Jordan and Zach are onto her strategic gameplay, neither of which are helping her game. Also, she mentioned that Willow seems to have a crush on Jordan and Rob asked if there might be potential for a showmance. Taran reported that Ashleigh is in good with the Chop Shop and recently hooked up with Zach, in spite of Jordan’s guidance, and that Zach spilled most of his game to her. He added that Zach and Jordan’s plan is to ride the middle until one of the sides of the house crumbles, and then form an alliance with the young people called “The Diaper Alliance”, another name Rob does not like.

Rob and the panel then started answering questions. These questions and comments included how many times Brittnee brought up her master plan, Jordan not mentioning RHAP as much and the reactions people have to his “podcasts”.

In between some questions, Rob, Taran, and Shannon determined that Pilar, Godfrey, Bobby, and possibly Willow have no chance of winning.

Following questions included if the Chop Shop views Johnny as the leader of the counter alliance, if Kevin has had the craziest start to a season ever, if Jordan is prepared to have Kevin as a backup to his alliance with Zach, and how long Newport can ride all of their alliances without being found out. Other questions were who out of Zach and Jordan will be targeted first, where Willow’s true allegiance lies, and what Bruno’s plan is once Graig is evicted.

Rob, Shannon, and Taran wrapped up by determining that Graig is almost certainly going to be evicted and that it is likely that the next HOH competition will not be an endurance comp.

The next Big Brother Canada podcast will be on Friday at 7 PM Eastern / 4 PM Pacific. On next Tuesday’s BBCan podcast in the same time slot, Rob will be at the New Media Expo and Mike Bloom will be filling in.

You can follow Shannon on Twitter at @sbauer17 and Taran at @armstrongtaran.


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