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Big Brother Canada 2015: HOH, Returning Player and Live Feeds


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Rob Cesternino recaps this week’s BBCAN3 HOH competition and the Returning Player plus updates the Live Feeds with a panel of new BBcan Live Feed experts.

Rob Cesternino is joined by live feed correspondents Alex Kidwell (@AlexKidwell) and Mikey Dowd (@Mikey_Dowd) to discuss Episode 11 of Big Brother Canada 3.

Rob starts by asking the correspondents if the returning houseguest is back in the house. Mikey says that the houseguests saw the competition begin but the houseguest hasn’t came back into the house yet. Alex thinks they will return live on Sunday night but nothing is certain.

Rob asks the correspondents for their takes on Johnny being evicted. Both of them liked Johnny because he was a huge fan but neither of them are exceptionally hurt that he’s gone. Rob thinks that Johnny got a lot of undue blood on his hands for the Graig boot. Mikey and Alex agree, but think the house had many reasons to take him out, including taking Kevin off the block and showing himself to be a wild card by voting for Brittnee during the Instant Eviction. Everyone feels Johnny’s pitches to stay were good but it was too little too late and the others didn’t want to go against the house.

Alex thinks Sarah is in a good position to lay low. Rob asks if Sarah might become the Victoria of this season and be put on the block repeatedly. Mikey thinks it’s possible but doubts that she would want to be in that position. Alex thinks Sarah has trouble removing herself emotionally from the game. Mikey thinks she could go either way, saying she could go down the path to winning but she could also let the others dictate her game and lose her shot. Rob also thinks Big Brother helped Sarah this week by making her seem fun during the Remedy task.

Rob asks Mikey if Newport has the most power based on the show and Mikey agrees. Alex is worried about Jordan’s chances. Mikey thinks that Bruno is going to try to take Newport down.

Then Rob moves onto who will get back into the house. Alex considers Naeha and Sindy frontrunners. Rob thinks Naeha coming back in could be good for Newport because the Chop Shop will focus on the girls. Alex thinks Sindy coming back in could be good for J.P. and a Showmuda Triangle alliance could be formed. The guys then discuss the options for the people that could be coming back into the house.

Rob finishes the show by talking about live feeds, including the new Head of Household, their nominations, and Big Brother designated nicknames.

Special thanks to Kyle Faber for this week’s episode recap.

Recorded LIVE Friday, April 17th @  7pm ET / 4pm PT!

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