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Big Brother Canada 2015: HOA & POV Recap with ARLIE & Live Feeds Update


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Rob Cesternino is joined by last season’s fan favorite Arlie Shaban to recap the past two episodes of BBCan3 tonight with a panel of  potential Big Brother correspondents Brent Wolgamott from Lousville, Kentucky and Havish Patel from London, Ontario.

Initial topics of discussion included whether people saw through Bobby nominating the two houseguests who dropped out of the HOH competition first, the lack of gamers in Big Brother seasons, and the merits of a player hiding their superfan status versus broadcasting it as clearly as Jordan does.

Rob guided the discussion toward the pluses and minuses of throwing of competitions, in particular how Arlie threw competitions in his season. By the end of this segment, Rob and Arlie determined that winning competitions has its benefits, in opposition to their earlier beliefs on the subject. In particular, they related this to Kevin’s experience of being put on the block for dropping out of the HOH competition early. Rob and Arlie then broke down how people play themselves out of the house in the first few weeks, including sexually aggressive women getting voted out very early.

The next topic was this season’s initial big alliance, the Chop Shop, and how it compares to the big alliance Arlie was in, the First Five. Arlie drew parallels between his own game and Zach’s, and then speculated on how the Chop Shop will break up and gave advice on how to deal with players like Graig. Next, he gave insight into taking opportunities to talk strategy.

Rob then brought up the games Big Brother had the houseguests play, especially in regard to how these games hurt Jordan. Keeping on the topic of Jordan, Rob and Arlie explored his alliances with Zach, Newport, and with Kevin, the Fortress. They went into depth about how Jordan might have put too much faith in Zach, who now has Ashleigh. With prompting from Rob, Arlie went into how Sindy may have played up her persona from the casting process too much and how it will hurt her, as well as how opportunities to watch movies in the house give a much needed break.

Next, Arlie answered questions about which contestant this season is most like him, who was hurt and harmed by the least to most challenge, who Arlie would have nominated for eviction in the first week of his season, and which girl this season he is a fan of.

Rob then turned the conversation to a discussion of the live feeds. Havish and Brent explained that Cindy is almost certainly going home tomorrow night, which led into Arlie talking about the difference in feeling between blindsides and people knowing they’re going home. Next, Rob directed the discussion to who is in danger in the upcoming weeks and the types of deals people should be making if they are in danger, followed by if any showmances are brewing. In particular, the group went into depth about Kevin’s relationships with Pili and Johnny, followed by Jordan hooking up with Cindy on her way out of the house.

Returning to questions, Rob asked a question about who is the biggest threat that everyone should be focused on. While the others believe Jordan and Zach to be the biggest threats, Rob made his point that the biggest threats are the houseguests no one is targeting.

The last topic was about the broken camera in the house and how Big Brother and the houseguests are dealing with it.

Friday’s podcast will be at 7 PM Eastern / 4 PM Pacific and the guest will be Ika from Big Brother 2. You can follow Arlie on Twitter at @arlieshaban, Brent at @brentwolgamott, and Havish at @havish_patel. The hashtag for this episode is #smellyjon.

Special thanks to Dan Sinensky for this week’s recap!

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