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Big Brother Canada 2015: Eviction & HOH Recap with IKA & Live Feeds Update


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Rob Cesternino is joined by last season’s fan favorite Ika Wong to recap this week’s eviction an HOH competition on BBCan3 tonight with Big Brother correspondents Mikey Dowd and Shannon Bauer.

The conversation began with the recent eviction of Sindy. Ika was disappointed that Sindy was voted out, but thought that Sindy stands chance of returning and that Sindy’s methods of trying to stay in the house were entertaing. In terms of who Ika enjoys watching, her favorites are Johnny and Naeha, but she also enjoyed Sindy and Risha. Ika liked watching the two women who were evicted becasue she likes people who are hungry to stay in the game.

Rob then guided the discussion to potential showmances, specifically between Zach and Ashleigh. Ika was surprised that Zach is playing so well, but thinks that showmances are inevitable because being in the house is so boring. Rob suggested that Ika was not bored enough for a showmance because she was dealing with the First Five, and then turned the discussion to all of the alliances in the Big Brother Canada house this season. Ika said that the formation of so many alliances this season could be related to houseguests being fans and wanting to do things for show, as opposed to being authentic. Related to authenticity, Rob asked Ika about the fake sabotage of the camera. Ika liked it because it caused drama. Related to this, she likes watching Graig because he seems so crazy.

Regarding Kevin, Ika thinks he should do what the house wants as the HOH because he did not want to win. Rob then asked about the HOH competition, specifically in terms of Godfrey and Naeha selecting each other to compete. Bobby explained that Godfrey kept choosing Naeha because he wanted to get in good with the Chop Shop, and Ika thinks that it would be a better strategy for Godfrey to make his own alliance with the houseguests not in the Chop Shop. Rob then asked about the instant eviction, which he had Shannon explain. Ika revealed that she was at the live show, but she lost her connection to the podcast before she could reveal if she knew who was nominated.

After Ika lost her connection, Rob started the discussion about the live feeds. Both Shannon and Mikey think that Kevin will nominate Bobby and Naeha. When Ika returned to the call, she confirmed that the results of the instant nomination will be revealed on Sunday night’s show. Mikey thinks it makes sense to nominate Bobby from what has been revealed on the feeds, while Ika thinks Kevin should not have nominated Naeha and should just go against the Chop Shop.

Questions from the audience included if Pilar will be dragged to the end, if Graig is correct in saying Naeha is Neda, and what Ika would have said about Graig during lettergate if he had been on her season. Other questions were who will have the worst fall from grace, who is Ika’s least favorite houseguest this season, and which houseguests have surprised Ika the most. Rob then asked if Sarah could win the season, which Ika thought is possible but she is unsure.

Rob then directed the conversation back to the live feeds. Mikey told the panel that Naeha just started playing and successfully pushed the house against the Chop Shop. Rob asked Ika if Bobby could be going home, and then asked her if Bruno was smart to get Graig all worked up. Ika thinks Bobby might go home if he is on the block, and also thinks it is smart in the house to keep crazy people worked up.

Going back to questions from the audience, Ika was asked what would have happened on her season if Graig was in Jon’s place and if Naeha was cast to be the next Ika.

Rob then asked about what we can expect on Sunday’s episode, and Shannon expects there to be a segment focusing on Kevin’s nominations. Mikey thinks they might discuss Graig revealing that he was a baseball player and the house’s reaction.

In a response to further questions, Ika determined that if she had to be in a showmance with someone, she would have been in one with Adel, that she would make big moves but not this early, and that she would shred all of the houseguests’ letters this season, as well as that Pilar is boring and that she would have nominated Kenny and Andrew her season.

You can follow Ika on Twitter at @theikawong, Shannon at @sbauer17, and Mikey at @Mikey_Dowd (and also @DansManties). The next show live will be on Tuesday, 7 PM Eastern/4 PM Pacific. Rob will be joined by Neda Kalantar from Big Brother Canada 2, as well as by a panel of potential correspondents.

Special Thanks to Dan Sinensky for tonight’s recap

Recorded LIVE on Friday, April 3rd, 7pm ET / pm PT

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