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Recapping BBCAN2’s Second Eviction and The Final HG’s Entrance


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BBCAN Week 2 – Friday, March 14

Rob and Brian come together to discuss the elimination of Kyle, the entry of Allison, and the impending reign of Ika.

Meat Head, Soft Heart

Rob felt positively at the end about Kyle, as did Brian. Both were moved by Kyle’s final speech. Kyle and Adel are cool, but Paul brings the group down. Did Kyle even fight to stay in the game? Kyle wasn’t willing to throw Paul under the bus in order to stay. He wanted to leave with his integrity intact. Rob will attempt to connect with Kyle.

The New Girl in Town

Brian expected Scott was going to be the person going into the house. The TV show seemed like it was trying to get Scott into the house, but the internet big brother fans won the battle. The BB community was completely behind Allison. Brian thinks that the war room twist was a success, but is worried that Allison can be instantly evicted. He thinks that it’s better for her game anyway that she can’t tell people anyway. What other excuses could Allison have used? She probably did the best thing acting like she didn’t realize they were there before. Brian would have said he was an ‘Intruder’, a twist used in international versions of Big Brother. Is it fair for Allison to come into the game later than everyone else? She gets one week of immunity, but she has ways to be instantly evicted so it balances out. Brian expects that the war room will be used again

Drama on the Side

Peter hated on Scott. Peter was the voice of the Big Brother community. Rob attempted his best Peter impression. Both Brian and Rob are enjoying the side show. Gary does a good job of playing the angel to Peter’s devil, and brings the spirits of the eliminated house up after Peter tears them down.

The Others

  • Sarah – fighting with Ika and making people miserable
  • Sabrina – Making up lies to fit her needs
  • Kenny and Andrew – Brian thinks that they are putting a target on themselves. Too hard, too fast. Sometime soon, Andrew and Kenny will be on the block together. Kenny wants to let things develop more. Andrew will be more likely to take the fall.
  • Paul – A complete disaster in the challenge. Which decade was Paul emulating with his eviction outfit
  • Jon and Neda – They have a good relationship, even though Jon ‘hates’ everyone. They don’t like Andrew.

SPOILERS (that really aren’t THAT spoilery)

  • The house got to party thanks to the entrance of Allison.
  • Ika was interested in putting up Kenny and Andrew. Ika told Neda, but Neda doesn’t trust Sabrina. Ika told Sabrina she is thinking of putting her up. Sabrina confronted Adel about the name-calling, and Paul threw Andrew under the bus, and Ika confronted Paul about that.
  • The chat room is not impressed with Sabrina, and neither is the Big Brother community.
  • Sabrina is a combination of Andy and Amanda. She could very well be the undoing of the first 5, because of her loose lips, not any issues with loyalty.
  • Sabrina and Sarah are spreading animosity about Heather.
  • Heather is being ostracized an ignored on the TV show
  • POTATO GATE – Sarah blew up on Ika for eating one of the have-not potatoes. Sarah is not likely to go up on the block due to this instance, but Sarah is still not over the incident.
  • Andrew has the hots for Allison, and Sabrina is not happy about this
  • Andrew’s Harem – Are the women targeting him, or are there any genuine feelings.
  • Brian believes Adel and Paul will be put on the block, Ika wants Paul out, but there is potential for the guys to vote out Adel.
  • Jon’s injury is to his dominant hand, Neda said that this is probably a good thing for Jon’s game. Watching the feeds, it would appear that Jon and Neda do not get along because they bash each other, but in reality, they are close.
  • The house guests got a punishment for not waking up on time. The BBCAN house seems to be stricter with rules and punishments.


The person who is in the best position to win the game; Jon

The person whose stock dropped the most; Neda


Special Thanks to Haley Strong for this Big Brother Canada Recap

Recapping the Second Eviction on Big Brother Canada 2

Recapping the Second Eviction on Big Brother Canada 2

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