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Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch are joined by Big Brother 15’s McCrae Olson to recap Big Brother Canada 2014’s Episode 27 and preview the finale.

McCrae lets us know he is reporting live from BBCAN1 houseguest Peter’s house (there could be interruptions from Peter, Alec, Andrew G, Sarah, and Judd throughout this podcast).

Sunday’s Episode 27 of Big Brother Canada 2014

McCrae mentions Sabrina must feel bad about the BB Awards (now realizing she’s the big crying person this season).  He mentions Sabrina has done great and really pulled the HoH out at the right time.

McCrae mentions Jon is in a situation now that he can’t get rid of Neda.

All agree that the nominations did not matter and it all depends on who won the veto.


Jon won the veto and has the sole vote between Heather and Neda.  Brian is sure that Heather is out of the house at this point. McCrae says Jon has to keep Neda or he’ll look bad to the jury.  Brian agrees that Jon has to do this, but points out Jon HAS to win the final HoH or he is out.  Rob feels Neda has the best chance of winning the final HoH competition.

Rob wants to know who would win between Neda and Sabrina.

Brian feels Arlie will vote for Neda, Allison will vote for Sabrina (maybe), Rochelle will vote for Sabrina, Adel will vote for Neda, Heather will vote for Neda, and Jon will vote for Neda, so it seems Neda would win for sure.

Brian points out the Canada vote may be between 3 people, and if it is Jon may get all of Neda’s votes, which might give Sabrina more votes than Neda.

Rob wants to know who would win between Jon and Neda.

Brian feels Arlie will vote ?, Allison will vote ?, Rochelle will vote ?, Adel will vote Jon, Heather will vote Neda, Sabrina will vote Neda, and Canada will vote for Jon.

McCrae says it’s too close to call.

Rob wonders if anyone will Topaz the vote on Thursday!

Some of the questions addressed tonight will be:

  • Could we see a 7-0 vote on Thursday?

  • Is Neda’s best route to go with Sabrina?

  • Did Sabrina really memorize all the answers for the Big Brother HoH Competition?

  • Who does McCrae feel is the McCrae of Big Brother Canada 2?

  • Is there a way to make the end game of Big Brother more exciting?

  • If Neda evicts Jon, what should Neda say to Jon to still get his vote?

  • Who does Rob want to pick to actually win?  Rob picked Jon in his pre-show predictions while Brian picked Neda, so there could be a showdown in the end!

  • Has Neda’s game been too quiet compared to Sabrina’s or Jon’s?

  • Should Gary dress Arissa?

  • Is the fourth place houseguest already evicted from the house?

Join Rob and Brian as they recap the finale on Friday evening, and there may be a future interview show if Rob can book any of the BB Canada Final Four.

Watch Rob & Brian’s Preview Show from the Big Brother Canada 2 Pre-season

Special Thanks to Phil Gourlay for writing this episode summary.

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