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Big Brother Canada 2014: Kyle & Paul talk BBCan2


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Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch are joined by Kyle and Paul from BBCAN2!!

For a change Rob is going to start with Spoilers right from the start!  So the whole podcast WILL contain spoilers!

But first Paul and Kyle both let us know what’s going on since they left the house.

Brian is asked to update us quickly on what has happened since Jon won HOH and nominated Rachelle and Sabrina.

Spoilers include – Jon won the veto competition, after Sabrina campaigned hard Jon looked like he would target Allison, Allison got wind of this and got drunk about it and then campaigned to stay off the block, this changed who Jon decided to put up – which became Arlie (to be the target to be eliminated) and Rachelle came off the block.  In turn, Allison shocked everyone and used her secret veto to take Sabrina off the block.  Jon had to pick another person to put on the block and he has chosen Adel to sit next to Arlie.

Current Alliances in the House

Arlie’s Angels – Arlie, Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison

And Neda, Jon, Heather and Adel on the other side.

However right now Sabrina looks to possibly moving back over to Jon’s side.

Rob asks Paul and Kyle what they thought of the destruction of the First Five.  Paul and Kyle discuss what chances Adel has to stay in the house.  Kyle thinks Adel is in trouble on Thursday.  Paul thinks Adel figured out Sabrina early and because of that Sabrina will vote Adel out.

Rob asks Brian to explain how the secret veto went down and what the rest of the houseguests thought.  One of the major things to come out of this is Allison is now the swing vote and holds the power.  Paul mentions that Allison will take out Adel because she is focused on revenge (to get back Adel for eliminating Andrew and Kenny).  Kyle mentions that Arlie is in a lot of trouble and has played too hard too fast.  Paul says he could tell from the beginning that Arlie was playing hard right from the start and Paul didn’t trust him.

Rob asks them how they feel about Jon’s game.  Kyle says he started really strong but lately his game is falling a bit a part.  Paul says Neda is in charge of Jon and will take Jon out.  Kyle think Neda is playing a great game and playing very hard but very well.  Paul says no one noticed Neda at all when he was in the house and now thinks she’s really doing well. Rob wonders what they think of Sabrina.  Paul gets sick when thinking about Sabrina.  After doing a Sabrina rant Paul says “Don’t get me started on Sabrina”.

Questions from listeners tonight include;

  • Will Neda get the credit for her game?

  • What are the chances that the 3 least liked contestants will be the final three (Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison)?

  • What did Kyle and Paul think of the war room?

  • What are the chances that all the remaining women will band together and go to the Final Five?

  • How would Paul and Kyle do on the challenges that came after they were eliminated?

  • Did Allison make the right move with her secret veto?

  • Which houseguest winning the next HoH be the most interesting?

  • Will the war room become the jury house?

  • Does Sabrina’s close talking persuaded people to do what she wants?

  • How Arlie is trying to convince people to keep him in the house

  • Who will benefit the most with a strategy session with Emmett and Gillian?

  • Why didn’t the house appreciate Paul’s orange juice prank?

  • Would Paul have turned on Adel and Kyle to advance his game?

  • Do they think anyone will figure out Allison lived in the war room?

  • Is Arlie in the same situation with Neda as Peter was with Gillian?

  • With only three weeks left, does it make any sense to keep Arlie?

  • Could Arlie’s downfall be turning on Kenny too soon?

All this plus some amazing back and forth banter between Paul and Kyle!!!


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