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Big Brother Canada 2014: Interview with Kenny Brain


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LIVE on Tuesday, April 29th Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch talk to Kenny Brain from Big Brother Canada 2014. Join us LIVE to ask you questions on the show!

First Kenny explains how he’s adjusted to life outside the Big Brother house.  Kenny and Andrew did party in Calgary and Kenny keeps in touch with Mumsie everyday.  Kenny also talks with Anick and has apologized to Kyle!

Kenny isn’t that surprised that the outsiders are the main part of the final five.  Kenny thinks laying low was a great strategy.  Kenny is pulling for Sabrina because she was so loyal to him and also is the underdog however thinks that Neda and Jon are the most deserving to win.  Kenny is not impressed by Heather and doesn’t feel she’s done enough to deserve to win the game.  Kenny is also impressed with how well Adel has managed to survive so long in the game.

Rob wonders if Kenny has any inkling if Neda was such a strong player.  Kenny said he could tell Neda was a listener and was very good at hiding in the background.  Kenny admits he never thought she was that strong as she appears to be.

Kenny was very happy that Arlie was eliminated right after him.  Kenny feels Arlie played/switched too soon.  Brian thinks that when Canada was the HoH that caused Arlie to turn and it cost him the game.


Heather won the veto and removed herself from the block – Jon has put Adel on the block.  Though up in the air it seems Adel will be voted out over Sabrina (but Jon might be able to make it work).

Kenny feels though Adel is a good decision to put up because he has a good chance to win.  However, Jon probably should have put Neda up since Neda is targeting him.  Rob wonders if that would have been too early – Kenny says Jon has to make the move soon because Neda wants him out, while Brian says Jon is going to be strong with the veto challenges.

Questions from the podcast listeners tonight include;

  • If he was in Ika’s position – what would he have picked $5,000 or giving letters from home to the other houseguests?

  • What is the best Final 2 scenario for Sabrina to be in?

  • Why is Neda getting credit for what Jon is doing?

  • Would Kenny still be in the house if not for Canada’s HoH?

  • If Canada’s HoH didn’t happen, who would Kenny take to the Final Two if he could – Andrew or Mumsie?

  • If there was no Canada’s HoH, who was the next target of the Final Five?

  • Why didn’t Kenny want to work with Jon?

  • Is Kenny happy to be at home or does he wish he went to the jury house?

  • Does Neda lack loyalty?

  • Does Jon have any idea that Neda doesn’t want to take him to the Final Two?

  • What is going on with the Frank & Oak ad?

  • How has Jon been able to stay off the nomination block?

  • Would Kenny have shaven the beard if it kept him off the block?

  • Did geography play any part in Kenny’s game?

  • How weird was it that Kenny actually knew Allison in real life?

  • What would Kenny change about his strategy?

  • Who does Kenny think WILL win the game?

  • Could anyone pull a Topaz during the Finale?

  • Why was Kenny so rude to Kyle and Ika in the goodbye messages?

  • What did Kenny think of the War Room twist?

Special Thanks to Phil Gourlay for tonight’s show recap

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