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Big Brother Canada 2014: Amanda Zuckerman on the Instant Eviction Recap


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Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch recap the instant eviction on Big Brother Canada 2014 with Amanda Zuckerman from Big Brother 15. Join us LIVE to ask you questions on the show.

Amanda started by talking about what’s going on in her life – things seem to be going great – job, new love and family celebrations!

Rob asks Amanda her thoughts on BBCAN – Amanda likes the Canadian version because it seems to be more intense.  Amanda really like how Topaz and Ika had to talk about strategy without knowing the other houseguests were listening.  Amanda is also upset with how much alcohol Canadians get in the house compared to the US version.

Sunday’s episode – Instant Eviction Recap

Rob begins by going back to Arlie’s eviction and how bad of a move for Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison to vote him out and now it’s come back to hurt them.  Amanda compares this situation to when she made the choice to use Aaryn since Aaryn lost all of her players early in the game.

Rob asks if there is any benefit to the two large threats to work together at this point in the game or should they target each other?  Amanda says the main focus should always be numbers, the people with the numbers need to be targeted.  Once they hit 4 or 5 then it becomes about winning challenges.

Amanda is shocked no one is going after Jon and Neda whom are making it very noticeable that they are going to the Final Two together.  But she thinks something will have to break at some point – she does think there could be a chance that people might think about keeping Sabrina based on people not liking her.

Next, the three discuss why Adel was changing his game a bit by being negative towards people in the house.  Everyone thinks it’s just a plan by Adel to have a chance to be taken to the end.  But everyone thinks this is a bad idea because it’s almost impossible for Adel to make it to the end.  Brian wonders if Adel is doing this to impress Arlie in the jury house.

Rob mentions that a lot of people have compared Sabrina to Amanda.  Amanda says Sabrina has talked smack about her house but says she wouldn’t wish the edit she got on BB15 on anyone.  Amanda is looking forward to the finale and will be in TORONTO to celebrate!


Brian lets us know that Neda won the veto and did not use it.  Right now, it is looking like Rachelle will be voted out on Thursday.

Amanda, Rob and Brian tackle questions including;

  • Who’s the better choice for Jon between Heather and Neda?

  • How damaging was Adel’s Nomination speech?

  • Who is the more powerful duo?  Jon and Neda or Emmett and Gillian?

  • Did Canada’s vote ruin the suspense in the game?

  • When did Elissa and Amanda become friends again outside the house?

  • Would Amanda play again?

  • If Amanda did play again, is there a chance fans may respond to her like they did through Rachel’s two games (first unpopular/second fan favourite)

  • How’s Evel Dick doing since his accident?

  • Is Heather a threat to win it all?

  • If America voted for a winner in BB15, who would they have voted for Andy or GinaMarie?

  • What does Amanda talk to Russell Hantz about?

  • Does Amanda think GinaMarie should do Playboy?

  • Who is Amanda rooting for on Big Brother Canada 2?

  • What is a floater?

  • What are the online effects of Rachelle peeing in the hot tub?

All this plus much more!!!


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