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Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch are here to discuss Sunday’s episode and the past few days of feeds.  Brian is 10/10 excited to talk about the live feeds!


Rob feels Ika might be better off to not rock the boat so early by nominating the strong guys.  Brian says Sabrina helped convince her not to.  Rob feels bad for Ika and Neda not knowing that Sarah and Sabrina are part of the first 5.

Both feel Allison has started off strong however Brian does think that there are some people are not digging Allison.  Rob thought it was interesting that Kenny and Allison know each other outside the house.

Speaking of Kenny – Rob thought it was really interesting to see Kenny really manipulating Sabrina with affections.  Both feel that Sabrina is totally eating it up and is under Kenny’s spell.


Brian feels Sabrina is playing a great game, even with the nasty comments to Heather, she seems to be on everyone’s side.  However, both he and Rob understand that the fans don’t like that style of gameplay (too two-faced).  Brian wants to see more diary rooms of Sabrina to understand why she’s playing the way she is.

Brian was impressed with how Adel has been able to talk to Ika – thus keeping him off the block.  Brian feels he could be playing too hard.  Rob is enjoying Adel’s game however Brian isn’t thrilled with some of the things he’s seen on the feeds.

Brian enjoyed this week’s food competition and he’s really falling for Heather.  He feels bad because of Sabrina and Sarah are really focusing on being mean to her.

Rob wonders if the TV show is really portraying what is happening (men vs women).  Brian says it’s true for Ika and her nominations, and also for Paul and Adel however for the remainder of the house it doesn’t seem to be the case.  Brian feels the girls handled Allison’s entry into the game was badly done as it seems Allison is going to go with the guys.  In a numbers game it was bad move – Brian is really feeling that it mainly stems from jealousy (the girls vs Allison)


Brian says it doesn’t matter now because too much time has gone past for it to make sense.

Big Brother Canada Week 3 Recap

Recapping Ika’s Reign as HoH of Big Brother Canada 2


SPOILERS (22:30) – Rob and Brian discuss the Live Feeds

Veto Winner – Ika won!  Heather fell and hurt her knee.  Ika does not use the veto.  Sabrina and Sarah were able to convince Ika that Heather needed to go.  Rob thinks the only reason to take Heather out (the weakest person) is to avoid having any target on her from the house.  However, Ika doesn’t realize that Sabrina and Sarah are ready to turn against her.

Make Outs – Allison was kissed by Andrew which cause Sabrina to get mad.  This has caused Andrew to distance himself from Allison.  During the make out session – Allison got up and went over to her bag and said “not too worry because she wasn’t interested”.  Brian thinks Allison was talking to the audience to let them know she was playing Andrew and not interested in him.  Rob thinks Andrew should consider distancing himself from Sabrina if she’s worried about who he is kissing – Brian thinks it made sense for him to distance himself from Allison for now to keep Sabrina happy.

Most Buzzworthy Competition – Houseguests had to do videos to get people to vote for them as most buzzworthy using a hashtag.  Arlie shaved his head, went naked and tried to dye his “nuts” in cranberry juice (WHAT?)  Meanwhile Andrew and Kenny decided to do more homoerotic pleas while stuffing their underwear for support.  But shockingly – Canada didn’t support them and gave their support to Adel (who kissed the Canada flag and really pushed his love for Canada).  This gave Adel a power – which as he tells Ika and Paul would be he could block someone from playing veto and take their place.  However, they are lying to some people in the house that it is Canada’s Veto saying “he can take someone off the block including himself after the veto ceremony”.

Ika was willing to work with Adel and Paul however Paul blew that up because he was telling people he felt safe in the house.  That said Ika still wants Heather out.  However, Sarah wants to change her vote to Paul – so Paul will go home.

Jon and Neda have a secret deal.  However, Ika told Sabrina that Jon told Ika that Andrew told Jon that Andrew doesn’t like Sabrina.  (I think I got that right) this may cause issues for Jon with the team of Andrew and Kenny since he hangs out with them.

QUESTION: Will the final 5 make it to the end or will the pressure break the alliance?

Rob feels there is NO WAY that the First 5 will ever be able to make it to the actually Final Five

QUESTION: Should Ika trust Paul & Adele to make a big move and flip the house?

Rob feels it’s too early in the game to make a move like that – Big Brother is a marathon not a sprint.  That said Ika is still in trouble because of the blood on her hands due to Sabrina and Sarah telling Ika’s secrets to the guys.


Adel is using bad words (derogatory names towards gay people) and also freaked out when someone (Sabrina) used one of those terms to describe him.

Sabrina is saying nasty things about Heather (including using derogatory names for someone with a mental disability).

Kenny is saying nasty things about Ika (derogatory names towards someone of Ika’s race)


Arlie told Sarah that he’s playing dumb and wants to take out big players.  He also told Adel that he wants Kenny out.  This may be because Arlie is worried about Adel’s power.

Brian thinks that the vote will be 6-4 with Paul going home.  The vote seems really confusing on what will happen and who actually will vote for whom.

QUESTION – How would you rate Ika’s HoH reign?

Brian thinks she has some scrambling room with Adel however it was a bad head of household

QUESTION – Out of the members of the first 5, who do you think has the best chance to win?

Brian thinks Arlie is playing the best game right now.

QUESTION – What happened to Arlie’s smokes?

Arlie says someone stole smokes from him in the house.  Allison is getting the blame but Brian thinks Arlie lied about the whole thing.

QUESTION – When Sabrina gets out of the house, how pissed do you think she will be when she finds out that she was the beard to the beard?

Brian thinks it will be double bad because Andrew isn’t interested in her.

QUESTION – On the live feeds, Sabrina told others that she was done with the game and that they could just evict her whenever they felt so inclined.  Does she still have this mentality or was she simply being over dramatic?

Rob thinks it’s just game play – Sabrina really likes to play the victim

QUESTION – Sarah vs. Sabrina who is the better player thus far?

Brian is thinking Sarah might be playing better but thinks together they are really dangerous and seem to being running the house together.  Rob thinks Sarah will last longer in the game.

QUESTION – Will Andrew stop making out with Allison if she doesn’t vote with the boys?

Andrew has told Allison she can vote how she wants.  Allison is the most popular girl right now because her vote is the most important.  Rob thinks that a guy saying that would be pretty ballsy.

QUESTION – How long can Kenny keep his sexuality a secret?

Rob thinks he could do it the whole show.  Brian said he’s doing a great job and should be able to hide it – except his recent video for the #hashtag challenge was very gay erotic.  Rob is excited to see the pictures ?

QUESTION – Rachelle… boring & dumb or misunderstood?

Brian feels Rachelle does a lot of listening and is very beautiful. Brian also thinks Rachelle isn’t too active in the game however she does HATE Heather.  Rob thinks that Rachelle wants Heather gone only because Rachelle wants to be the most beautiful.  But Ika might beat her in being the most hot!  Brian can’t believe they are ranking the looks because he only has eyes for Heather it seems.  Rob says Allison would be higher if she didn’t have 80s hair and a disco dress.  Brian mentions the house thinks Allison will be tough to beat in the competitions. Rob would like to see everyone’s power rankings of most beautiful in the house in the comments section.


Brian and Rob will return at 7pm on Friday to talk about Eviction #3 and the new HoH!

Brian is looking forward to see what Sarah does with her vote.  He thinks Paul will go but it could change.

Rob asks Brian to send a message to Heather in the house – Brian says he would give her a blanket filled with hugs with the promise he’ll hug it/recharge it every time he comes to see her.  Rob finds that nice.

Special Thanks to Phil Gourlay for Recapping tonight’s Big Brother Canada Recap

Brian’s Chart of the Alliances for Week 3

Brian's Chart of the Alliances as of Tuesday, 3/18 in the Big Brother House

Brian’s Chart of the Alliances as of Tuesday, 3/18 in the Big Brother House


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