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Big Brother Canada 2014: Interview with Andy Herren


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Rob and Brian are joined this week by Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren!


Rob starts with a big question – what does Andy think about Big Brother Canada so far?

Despite being fun to watch he feels outside factors shouldn’t be allowed to impact the house.  He really feels it has hurt people that were in a great position and helped people who weren’t.  Andy loves Neda – he feels she is really aware of what’s going on in the game yet staying off the radar.  Brian thinks Neda has really started to play the game.  Andy feel Arlie is getting the edit of someone who is playing but he’s being really clumsy.

Rob asks whether Jon did a good job in the HoH challenge.  Andy feels Jon had no choice and did what he had to do even if it meant showing his cards.  As for Arlie, Rob was surprised that everyone picked up that he threw the challenge since they haven’t noticed the other ones he’s thrown.

SPOILER ALERT – Andy and Brian reveal that Sarah is on the block right now after Kenny won the veto – Sarah is in a lot of trouble.  Rob thinks her aggressiveness towards accusing Arlie on “she knows what he’s doing” is the main reason she’s on the block.  While Andy also thinks a lot of it has to do with her being Kenny’s main supporter in the house.  Everyone agrees Sarah made a really bad move calling out Arlie.

Rob asks Andy what his take on Sabrina is; Andy thinks Sabrina is perfect for the show due to her over dramatic actions.  He feels she’s an over the top version of Amanda.  Andy does feel Sabrina’s game is slipping from strategic to too emotional.  Brian updates us on Sabrina’s concern that she is being edited to be like Amanda (BB15).

Rob felt there should have been more of a punishment for the sock puppet challenge however Andy and Brian thought it was fair to count small items (makeup pieces) to count towards what could be taken.

Rob likes that Big Brother Canada is really strict on the food more than Big Brother USA seems to be.  Rob wonders whether production is looking to get Rochelle out of the game since she doesn’t bring as much to the show as the other characters in the house.


Kenny won the veto and Sarah is now on the block.  Apparently Sarah gets really excited about Kenny winning the veto but that makes everyone else mad.  It looks like Arlie was the main person behind getting Sarah put onto the block.

Allison is now a sixth member of the other side of the house now.  She did win the mystery veto – everyone thinks if she can get out of the Andrew shadow she may go back into the Allison we all wanted to see play.

After Sarah was nominated Arlie told the First Five members that he’s no longer with them.  Which has made Sarah, Kenny and Sabrina mad.  Very easily looking like Sarah will be voted out.



Rob, Brian and Andy address topics such as;

  • Is there a new potential Kenny alliance with the other side

  • Gina Marie wanting to pose for playboy

  • Why is everybody overly crying in the house?

  • What has been Sabrina biggest mistake in the game

  • Which BBCAN2 contestant Andy identifies the most with

  • Has Arlie flipped too early?

  • What does Andy think about Kenny pretending to be straight and would Andy play that way?

  • Did Kenny coming out to Sarah ruin HER game?

  • How did it feel knowing people did not like the way Andy played the game when he left the house?

  • Who was caught peeing in the hot tub?

  • Has Allison been a letdown?

  • When will Adel use his power?

  • Who is the rat floater this season?

  • Neda and the condiments

  • What’s Allison’s best move?

  • Is Heather being underestimated?

  • Who played better Dr. Will or Dan?

  • Who is in the best position right now?

  • How the hidden veto was found and what it might entail

  • Which gay reality star should be paired up with Andy – put your suggestions in the comments!

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