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Big Brother Canada 2014: Recap of the First Double Eviction


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Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch are live discussing Big Brother Canada’s double eviction. Today’s podcast will be a discussion of the second half of the game, with Rob comparing this season’s double eviction to last season’s double eviction with Tom and Liza.
Rob and Brian start off the podcast discussing last night’s episode. Neda’s screen time is pleasantly received by Rob and the two speculate on Arlie’s attempt at the HOH competition. Brian believes he threw the challenge, evident with him seating himself before the answers are confirmed. A shocking moment in last night’s episode was Rachelle voting for Sabrina, with Brian thinking this was payback for Sabrina’s earlier comments on where her loyalty lies.


Rob asks Brian if Rachelle told Sabrina about her vote last night, but with the feeds down for a few hours after the live eviction it’s hard to tell. As for the Veto competition, Adel was seen dancing as Arlie was winning his first competition. Ultimately it didn’t matter who won because the plan was set to backdoor Kenny.

Rob and Brian discuss Allison’s secret veto, named “The Red Veto”, and how the Houseguests were oblivious to her finding it. Brian finds it entertaining that she re-entered the War Room to find a new power.

Rob breaks into the comparisons between Tom and Liza’s double eviction and Sarah and Kenny’s double eviction. After both sets of pairs left the game, the Houseguest celebrated. Rob is sure the “Sloppy Seconds” alliance will fracture, but at what point?


Brian reveals that Jon is the new Head of Household and shares that Sabrina and Rachelle are the targets this week. The “Gremlins” were attempting to work with Jon. Sabrina targeted Allison because Arlie is a known ally of Jon’s. Rob and Brian speculate over who will turn on whom. Rob asks if it’s possible a men’s versus women’s alliance will resurface and Brian thinks it’s possible but the Jon/Neda relationship could prevent that.

Rob and Brian continue their speculation over how the game will play out over the next few weeks. Pairs could be targeted and there is hope the special powers will be used. The players are at a point where they should be thinking about the finals and setting themselves up for the end of the game.

Loyalties are questioned and the two make their predictions on certain Houseguests, as well as what will happen in the upcoming weeks.

Rob will be at the Reality Rally this weekend with interviews from favorite Big Brother US and Canada Houseguests.

Special Thanks to Ron Bauman for the summary of tonight’s Big Brother podcast

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