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Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch discuss Episode 3 of Big Brother Canada and preview what is going to happen in the Week 2 eviction following the action from the week on the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds

Recapping Big Brother Canada 2 Episode 3 and Previewing the second eviction

Recapping Big Brother Canada 2 Episode 3 and Previewing the second eviction

The final two, Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch, try to find a name for their alliance. Will focus on recapping the second week of Big Brother Canada 2, Brian’s alliance chart and what is happening on the live feeds (includes Power of Veto spoilers). Tuesdays and Fridays at 4 pm PST/7 pm EST will be the time for BBCAN2 recaps, looking for guests from both Big Brother U.S. and Canada for Tuesdays. Ian Terry will be a regular guest on the Friday afternoon shows.

QUESTION: Is Paul one of the worst people to play Big Brother? Why or why not? –tocofool, YouTube

Rob asks to analyze Paul as a person then a player. As a player, Brian thinks he is pretty atrocious. He is worse as a player than a person, and we need to remember that he has had some suffrage in his life and may have encountered some hate. Rob says Paul is a terrible Big Brother player, while Brian says in week one Paul is angling the hated player to take to the end but Rob says it’s too early.

Rob’s favorite moment from Sunday’s episode is when Paul was acting as a godfather in a chicken suit, saying that Andrew needs to go. The chicken suit works for Paul, according to Brian.
Andrew’s nominations are Paul and Neda. Rob thinks Neda wasn’t painted to be someone going to be nominated, and Brian thinks things are missing pointing to Neda’s nomination. The episode showed a lot of Heather, making them think she would be nominated. The charge of racism towards Andrew changed the nominations, with Kenny targeting Kyle and Paul seeking Ika and Rachelle’s comfort while crying over Paul’s comments on racism. Rob thinks Ika told Andrew about Paul’s comments. Brian reminds him that Ika was nominated by Paul and was angry because she didn’t get a “black free pass” (not like a slop pass). The focus on race in the Big Brother Canada house interest Rob with how the same topic was a focus in Big Brother 15.

Andrew’s HOH Week

Rob asks if Andrew is off to a good start as HOH. Brian thinks Arlie and Kenny are running the HOH, but Andrew is focused on getting out Paul. Brian is impressed by Arlie’s commitment to throwing the HOH competition, and that strategy can work for ten weeks but needs to change up his throwing techniques. Rob feels Arlie is the rich man’s Alex Stein Primetime 99. Arlie has everyone fooled in the house but it was obvious he threw it.

The First Five

Arlie, Sabrina, Sarah, Kenny and Andrew are in “The First Five” alliance, being the first group to enter the house. It’s a common set up for first alliances that fall apart quickly, with Brian thinking it may happen with one member throwing the others under the bus. Rob says the game is a marathon and the players are reactive to the situations. Rob says the Brigade (Big Brother 12) played their alliance right by keeping it a secret – once an alliance is known, players become targets. Rob says the mixed gender alliance is great for not suspecting Sarah and Sabrina are involved. Brian says this alliance will be blown up because of the Mystery Houseguest, who can flip the house with having seen private feeds.

The Final Houseguest

Rob and Brian have been endorsing Allison to be the fifteenth HouseGuest, but think Big Brother Canada wants it to be Scott. The screen time has been tailored for Scott to be loved by Canada, with jokes and diary rooms tailored to Scott. Brian states the online community is supporting Allison; Rob says the TV community will love Scott, especially with the love of Gary from Big Brother Canada 1.

QUESTION: Scott calls himself a gay? He can’t even tell that Kenny is a gay. Hello he has a massive hipster beard. Massive hipster beard screams homo. Trust me I know; can’t believe Scott can’t. – Markstubation01, YouTube.

Rob wants to know if there is something wrong with Scott’s gaydar. Brian says he couldn’t tell with his beard, and maybe Kenny is a “Stealth Gay.” The beard is not a gaydar cloaking device, dependent on the type of “beard.”

QUESTION: What’s Paul chance of being Alison from Big Brother 4? @pat1172 (Patrick Caro), Twitter

Brian says he doesn’t have a chance to be Alison. Alison’s showmance with Nathan made her nice, but after he left she was pure evil.

Is it best for the long-term alliance for the two women to be older? Brian thinks the alliance’s cohesion works with Sabrina and Sarah being older.

QUESTION: Hey Rob, what do you think of Kenny’s strategy of leaking information to see if he could trust a person? I think it is a very interesting and innovative strategy. – Gametime Fitness, YouTube.

Rob agrees Kenny was doing a good job, but thinks his interest in getting Kyle out is a waste of time. Brian says Kenny heard through a string of Houseguests that Kyle is targeting Kenny, for controlling Andrew (along with Jon aka the “Newfies”).


Rob shows Matt Elpren’s @MPgrafix map of the Big Brother Canada 2 Houseguests by province.
• British Columbia: Nate, Neda
• Albert: Heather, Rachelle, Adel and Andrew
• Ontario: Anick, Paul, Ika, Arlie, Sarah
• Quebec: Sabrina
• New Brunswick: Scott
• Halifax: Kyle
• Newfoundland: Kenny, Jon and Allison

Allison could join in the Newfie alliance, knowing friends of Kenny (also, maybe his sexuality). Allison could be the worst or best thing for Kenny’s game.

“Newfist” is a racist and sexist Newfie. The term Newfie is endearing.

Brian’s list of Ika’s names for Houseguests:

  • Kenny – Wildebeast
  • Heather – Bride of Chucky and Creepzilla

Rob wants to know if Paul was real or fake crying with Ika? Brian thinks Paul’s crying was real, but with so much going on in the house the feeds were up and down. Paul’s comments on racism caused the feeds to go down. One of Rob’s pet peeves is the contestant acting as the bad guy then crying when they hit a road bump. The Diary Room sessions show the player’s true intentions with their crying, so viewers need to wait to see those before judging their behavior.

QUESTION: Do you think the Mystery Houseguest will have any kind of advantage after living in the house’s spy shack? – rundownthestreet203, YouTube.

Brian says this depends on whether Big Brother tells the other Houseguests if the Mystery Housguest had spy screens. Rob says the Mystery Houseguest get to say whatever they want but wonders if the spy room will be accessible to everyone after Thursday and see the spy screens. Brian reveals that Kenny has found the entrance to the War Room but doesn’t want to break it.
Rob brings back his alliance with Brian – what’s their take on the new Mystery Houseguest? Will they know that Canada voted them back in? Brian says the HGs think the last Houseguest is Canada, with Arisa hinting for them to stay tuned for another twist.


Power of Veto holder is Kenny. The feeds reveal that there was some racing and climbing during the Power of Veto challenge. Kenny has removed Neda from the block, enacting Andrew’s plan. Kyle replaced Neda as a nominee. The House wants to take out Kyle. Brian says Kyle has resigned himself from the game, taking a lot of heat in the game and proclaiming his last nights in the house. Sabrina and Kyle have been fighting about religion and homosexuality. Adel moo’s at Sabrina and joins in fighting with Kyle against Sabrina. Kenny pushes to get Kyle out to “better Andrew’s game.” Brian thinks Kyle will get all the votes for eviction.

Brian’s Alliance Chart

Brian Lynch's Map of Week 2 Alliances on BBCan 2

Brian Lynch’s Map of Week 2 Alliances on BBCan 2

1. The Egg (already cracked)

  • The First Five: Arlie, Andrew, Kenny, Sabrina and Sarah
  • Women: Sabrina, Sarah, Neda, Rachelle, Ika and Heather

2. The Line – Paul, Adel and Kyle

3. The Circle – Jon, Neda and Rachelle

  • Kenny joined with Jon
  • Sabrina and Sarah are a “floating pair”
  • Heather being bashed by girls
  • At showmance level zero – none currently occurring

Rob: Does Kenny need to come out to Andrew? Brian thinks Kenny won’t want to throw away relationship with Andrew even though he’s close to Jon. Brian thinks the bromance is strong enough to survive Andrew and Kenny’s sleepovers. Kenny’s homosexuality will not be a factor.

Rob: how did the week change? Sabrina ratted out Jon to Andrew and Arlie. This was to show that Kyle was not in the First Five alliance.

Jon injured himself in the pool, separated his shoulder. Jon is currently missing from the house (before the podcast) but could have returned. His injury could be used to fake injury to better his game.

QUESTION: Is the drama between Adel and Sabrina a case of Sabrina can dish it, but she can’t take it? #RHAP #BBCAN2 – @HeyJorgeHey (Jorge Alvarado).

Brian says Sabrina claims to never lie or backstab then races upstairs to throw them under the bus. Is she staying loyal to first alliance? Rob doesn’t like the people who can’t dish it out and take it, similar to those in the Big Brother 15 house. Sabrina and Sarah have been crying and whining a lot in the Big Brother Canada 2 house.

QUESTION: Is Kenny more aligned with Jon or Andrew from your vantage point on the feeds? #RHAP – @nyitalian27 (Michelle Dola)

Through Diary Rooms, Andrew says that he is proud of Newfie boy Jon for holding onto bucket, but not the same in the feeds. The War Room think that Jon and Kenny are together. Regional alliances will cause Kenny to dump Andrew.

QUESTION: who is playing the best game right now? – roshanakmofidi, YouTube

Brian thinks Neda is playing the best game. She’ll be thrown on the block a lot, but keeping her cool and crying will help her game. Rob thinks a big part of the game is getting on the block without getting your feeling hurts. Prove to people you’re chill and cool, you’ll have respect.

QUESTION: How far do you think the First Five alliance will go? @pat1172 (Patrick Caro), Twitter.

Brian says the First Five alliance are under week five for their longevity. They will lose power and turn on each other.

QUESTION: If Jon is removed from the game, will two of the Mystery Houseguests return? Marlin Adams, Twitter.

Brian says no, only one will go in (before the injury).

QUESTION: Can Brian give us a quick power ranking (or at least tiers of players) from what he has seen on the feeds? #RHAP – @ Brian_Scally (Brian Scally), Twitter.

Brian’s top three power players at this point are:

1. Neda
2. Rachelle
3. Jon

QUESTION: How long do you think it will be before Kenny and Andrew are nominated together? I love Kenny, but the target on him is growing #RHAP #BBCAN2 (growing like a beard perhaps).

Adel could go after them, but would put up Jon and Kenny. Adel’s invisibility on Sunday’s episode made him a shadow; however, he was screaming at everyone.

Brian and Rob will be back with Ian Terry for the eviction episodes at 7 pm EST/4 pm PST.

Coach Wade will be joining Rob on Thursday morning’s episode of the Survivor: Cagayan recap.

Special Thanks to Ronald Bauman Gostlin for such a fantastic recap of tonight’s LIVE podcast

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BBCan 2 by Province

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