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Brenchel Strikes Back After Lawon’s Big Blunder

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It was the Worst Case Scenario for Rob Cesternino on Thursday night as Lawon Exum was completely stunned (and hansomfied) to be evicted from the Big Brother house as Brendon Villegas returned to be reunited with Rachel Reilly once again. Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back on the road again as they go to pick up Rob’s Little Brother as we podcast about Big Brother. On this carcast edition we will discuss:

– How was the vote for a returning houseguest between Brendon Villegas, Cassi Colvin and Dominic Briones similar to the 2000 election between George W. Bush, Al Gore and Ralph Nader?

– How dumb was Lawon’s decision to put himself on the block and ask to be evicted from the game. We rank Lawon’s move against some of the other memorable dumb moves on Big Brother and Survivor. Do you have a move that top’s Lawon’s for dumbest move ever?

– How does Adam look after shaving his beard?

– How bad did Kalia Booker screw up her week as head of household in the Big Brother house? Why did she try to hard to appease Jeff and Jordan?

– How has Shelly Moore become this season’s puppet master. How have her under the radar moves affected the game this season?

– We’ll also discuss the latest drama and fights from the live feeds including the new HOH and the latest players to be put up for eviction this week.

We may not be driving a Porsche, but it’s a Big Brother podcast in a car.

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