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My favorite TV show returns next week, Breaking Bad. Sadly if you don’t know what that show is, it’s basically about a normal middle aged dude who thinks he only has a few months to live and so he decides he wants to leave his family a little nest egg for when he’s gone, so he decides to start cooking and selling Meth. Each season this guy has slowly turned from nice, normal man, to a  ruthless, cunning, murderer. My point here, is that I’m starting to see some of the house guest we were all rooting for a few weeks ago, starting to “break bad”. I mean honestly, who is the “likably” house guest here, that America usually pulls for each season? When the season started, Helen, Mccrae, Andy and Judd all seemed like high virtue, morally strong players. Now it seems like the power has affected them like a drug. It’s like America is having to relive the time Jesse Spano got hooked on diet pills parlayed with Brandon Walsh becoming a gambling addict, only were dealing with this all at once.

These are not the same people we were pulling for a couple weeks ago. We will get back to them in a minute, but lets all pay are final respects to Howard first.  Howard, I was pulling for you, but then you started making incoherent speeches that made George W Bush sound like Abraham Lincoln. Let’s keep it real here, we all trust each other and this is a safe place to share, Ok? I will start sharing first and then other people can jump in , cool?  Howard you were god-awful at this game. He was horrible in the physical competitions, he was horrible in the non-physical competitions and his social game was horrible. I don’t really like the power in the house right now, but Howard didn’t exactly deserve to stay in the house. RIP Howard..

Let’s move on and do a hypothetical “Spoiler Alert” on who wins HOH. In fact, let’s make this hypothetical spoiler alert seem really, really nutty. Let’s say that hell has frozen over, and Ginamaria has won HOH…I know! Cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria! In this silly, hypothetical spoiler alert I’m actually happy she won it! Wouldn’t it be great if instead of a letter from home that each HOH gets there first night, is instead a restraining order from Nick?

Let’s get into the action:

  • Mccrae – He was a fan favorite until Wednesdays show. The ways he acted when Amanda thankfully got put up by America was nothing short of gross. He was acting pissed at Spencer and threatening him in the most awkward. I really don’t want to be crude, but Mccrae please get your balls out of Amanda’s purse. Mccrae is starting to act entitled, and seems to be losing that childs charm that we all liked, basically he is acting like Tom Hanks in the second half of Big, when he started losing his innocence and his sweet nature. He will be safe this week, but I don’t like this road he is heading on. Maybe like in Big, one of his Little Cesar Pizza bros can stop by the house and smack some sense in him, so he remembers who he is and where he came from.
  • Amanda – Please America, put her up again! I think that if she goes up this week there is a decent chance that she goes home. The people in the house have looked the other way at Amanda and Mccrae being a pair, but I don’t think they can look the other way anymore. Amanda will do what Amanda does, which is to act like Demi Moore in Disclosure and take any heat off herself and shoot it towards Spencer and if that doesn’t work then towards Candice. Amanda will not go quietly into the night when her time comes, which will make that moment very interesting TV.
e16-gm Ginamaria has a chance to really cause an earthquake in the house.[/caption]
  • Ginamaria – Hypothetically, Ginamaria has a chance to really cause an earthquake in the house. Sadly, President Obama probably knows the current dynamics of the Big Brother house better than Ginamaria.  Ginamaria doesn’t know who is calling the shots in the house. She has been mourning Nick for 28 days in a row, maybe she can start playing the game now. I have a feeling that Aaryn will talk her into putting up Spencer, which I don’t think is the best move for Ginamaria. The possibilities are many for her, but I think she will be controlled and turn into Helen’s second Manchurian Candidate. If she lets Helens program her, Ginamaria will have wasted maybe the only time she will be HOH this season.
  • Aaryn – Racey Bigot-tims McGee(Her full Christian name I think) has settled down and don’t look now, but she is sliding under the radar. Aaryn seems like the swing vote in the house now, smack in the middle. I don’t think her long term plan is safe if she is thinking she is going to roll with Helen as equals (It actually might happen but not for the reasons she thinks, cause of the small problem of everybody in the universe viewing her as Cruella Deville.) I don’t think she sees that she should have gone against that side of the house this week, because even if she did break her deal with Helen, Howard and Spencer still would have been the main targets moving forward. Aaryn is being controlled for now, maybe her inner Chucky will emerge soon! This is going to be the telling week for Aaryn, as will she just fall into line with Helen’s crew or will she be more ambiguous. I hope it’s the latter.
  • Spencer is who I’m pulling for now, only because he stood up to Amanda. Has there ever been a more unlucky player in the history of Big Brother? Every move this guy try’s to make blows up in his face. Spencer can’t catch a break. Speaking out against the Gestapo of the house is going to be the end of Spencer, probably this week unless he can pull a rabbit out of his hat, but right now it seems like he couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat. Keep up the fight Spencer and go after Amanda. Spencer seems to be able to read people pretty well, so he should use that to his advantage and try and find a crack on Helen’s side of the house. The problem is that nobody trust’s Spencer, so any big move Spencer wants to make would have to come from someone else.
  • Helen – If nothing else, Helen really needs to work on her celebrations….Her corny, Elaine from Seinfeld moves are still horrible. Helens game play is intense. Helen has risen to some serious power since her HOH reign.  Helen is like Avon Barksdale from The Wire, as she has her crew focused, guarding her “block” like the secret service and anybody that “steps” to her or her crew is getting smoked so you better recognize son. Seriously, she is playing the game well, but she is making it hard to pull for her. In Big Brother it’s more entertaining when things aren’t so predictable, so you can’t blame Helen for playing the game she playing, because she is playing great, it’s just not pleasing at times to watch.


    What breed of snake is Andy?

  • Andy – We still don’t know what breed of snake Andy is. He is going to slither to the power this week again. Andy is still in a good place as everybody still seems to view him as harmless as well as being aligned with them. Andy out of everybody in the house has to see that at some point soon he needs to get either Amanda or Helen out of there. Amanda would be the easier move and so that is my guess, that getting rid of Amanda will be his “statement” move, either this week or in the near future.
  • Judd – Now that the smoke is almost cleared with the remnants of the Moving Company, Judds name is starting to get brought up in whispers as a possible back door candidate. Judd is not going to win the game playing with Helen’s side of the house, so he needs to attack her corner soon, and what better way to do that then to go after Amanda. Judd needs to summon his inner Ernest, talk to Vern and get a plan in place to make this happen. Maybe snagging Candice while she is ripe for the picking. I don’t think a hit will be put on Judds life  this week but he can’t just lay back and float anymore, he needs to get more proactive or he’s getting sent back to the fishing hole with Opie back in Mayberry.


    What was the point of her speech?

  • Candice – What was the point of her speech this episode. Was she hoping for a “slow clap” at the end of it, like Ronald Millers speech in Cant Buy Me Love? If she can’t use her coping skills to manage her emotions in a normal way then she may inexplicably take the heat off Spencer and could be the next one evicted. Playing without Howard could possibly be a positive for her game as maybe she can find her way into another partnership, I doubt it, but that should be her move this week.
  • Elissa and Jessie – The two random chica’s that have no idea what is happening around them at any time. Maybe these two girls can grab Candice and then start an alliance, called, “The Craft” and use their irrationalness as an advantage to scare the hell out of the rest of the house, so everybody avoids them. Would that really shock anybody at this point? Was Elissa even on the episode tonight? Jessie was on for two seconds, when for reasons not understood by anybody, was crying about Candice. Not a lot to analyze here, I guess I will try harder on Monday.

Prediction time, the power in the house has not shifted in four weeks. Ginamaria as the hypothetical HOH  could shake up the house, but my guess is that Spencer and Candice start out on the block. I hope to god think that Amanda will be put up by America again. Last week Amanda avoided her gruesome destiny, this week she may not be so lucky. Look for something to change the dynamics in the house this week. CBS may try something this week, like a Pandora’s box. See you all Monday!

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