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Big Brother Blog: The Ginger strikes back!..with a whimper – 08/12/13

(Disclaimer: The views of Redhead/Gingers in this blog are solely a result of traumatic incidents that occurred in the writers life from 1987-1992, since then the writer has been apart of the National Awareness for Gingers Association, or N.A.F.G.A. Please forgive the tongue and cheek anti-ginger tone.)

Welcome to the Red Wedding HOH. I’m going to start this blog by quoting the American Medical Association definition on Red heads/Gingers.  

“Gingers based on science, are a vile, untrustworthy, cunning, soulless, group, with Ginger-ish names (the male species) like, Brad, Skylar, Micah and Ronny to name a few”. (There is a lot of vulgar language in the video!)       

Growing up, when you’re playing soccer as a seven year old, the gingers are always the bitchy one’s that try to trip you, cry when they got knocked down and usually are the spazziest ones on the field. L.Ron Hubbard was a ginger (Oh man, Tom Cruise just pulled up in front of my place on his Top Gun Bike, with one dude who is in one of those creepy costumes from Eyes Wide Shut..I better stop) Lizzie Borden was a ginger and she took a hatchet to her own father and stepmother. Extreme yes, my point is that gingers are tough to predict normally, but in this case, with Andy being the HOH,  it appears that he is going to do lame,  “ginger-ly” things, like not go against Helen or Amanda! Grrrrrrrrrr! Some readers brought up some good points last blog, about Aaryn actually making a smart move when she let Helen coerce her into stabbing Judd in the back. The Judd backstabbing has set into motion the first step to the beginning of the end for this season. Not that the season is ending next week or anything, but that move was the first major shot fired this year. Last week, the Alphas in the house slowly started to circle each other, like two cowboys about to standoff and do that duel thing that cowboys did back in the day with each other for some reason. There have been whispers that during the live feeds, that people have been coming to Andy to back door Helen and other people have come to Andy advocating to backdoor Amanda.  When do you make the “big” move in Big Brother? Some people have told me that you can’t make a huge move with ten or more people in the house. Well, there are nine people left in the house now and so, is this the moment that Andy should seize, to alter the current destiny of this Big Brother game?  The chess board looks like this:

  Helen and Elissa        VS          Amanda/Mccrae  

                                    Andy(smack in the middle)

                                  Aaryn(smack in the middle)



    Playing Clue

I have Jessie leaning towards the Helen/Elissa side only because she seems to have more hatred towards Amanda, but honestly that can change at any point. I have Spencer slightly shaded towards Mccrae’s side, but not confidently. Aaryn seems to have evolved into a junior Andy. Aaryn is between the two powers with both sides trying to stake their claim to her loyalties. Andy has not played his hand yet and appears to have both of those sides sure that he is with them. Both sides in public are saying to take out Jessie or Spencer, but behind the scenes the standoff is almost upon us.

Let’s all lower are heads in fear, as we put on our ginger thinking caps:

    e20-andy Keeping the blood off his hands.[/caption]

  • Andy is ginger-ing all over the house, having both Helen and Amanda coming to him to stab the other in the back. Andy seems content to keep the blood off his hands. Amanda is…Amanda, meaning she could be an obvious target, but Andy is smart, he knows his main threat to ultimately win the game would be The Don, Helen. Knowing when to make a big move and knowing what the repercussions will be is what separates the good players from the great players. Andy has worked with Helen up to this point, but I don’t think he sees her in the final two with him. I don’t think he is going to pull the trigger this week and I don’t know if that is the best decision for his game, as you have to get your hands bloody at some point to win. He has the power right now to take out Helen and the repercussion would be losing Elissa for sure, but who else would then target Andy for getting out Helen? The same thing could be said for him to take out Amanda, as he would lose Mccrae but who else? Andy just doesn’t want to take that big of a risk yet. It feels frustrating for me and probably other viewers as well when the same formula is unfolding week after week with the HOH nominations.
  • Aaryn – Junior Andy’s transformation from outspoken, racist, lame person has changed to less outspoken, racist, lame person. Aaryn is playing the part of competitor really well. What side is Aaryn truly on? I guess she has an alliance with Amanda/Mccrae and Andy, but it also seems like she really wants to roll with Helen. She has made herself a commodity that both sides of the house want. Aaryn is in a position to choose who she wants to play with. Aaryn might actually be able to wait on the sidelines and watch the bloodbath start to unfold around her before making this important choice. In closing, how many people “Lol’d” when she talked about Ginamaria saying horrible, offensive things, because it was hurting her game, stating  she can’t have a loose cannon associated with her…Times are a changing.
  • Helen – Like Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather, there comes a time when even the most powerful of people are susceptible to being taking down. The whispers of a coo against Helen are in the air. Will she sense it before it’s too late is the question? To the viewer’s, like a reader pointed out, Helen’s game play is very transparent, but to the majority of the house her cunningness is still veiled under her motherly presentation. Winter is coming and Helen needs to accumulate more people on her side then Amanda/Mccrae , that means she needs Aaryn which then equals Ginamarie. Next HOH will be key for Helen in determining what her fate will be in this house. If Amanda or Mccrae wins HOH, it could be lights out for Helen and her awful pep talks that she makes to people. Seriously there awful and I almost have to turn away  as she grabs the person by the hands, gets right in their bubble and spazzes out all over them with cliché condescending lines.

    Amanda has an end game?

  • Amanda/Mccrae – The fiery bull in a china shop is the one in my opinion that will make the first move in openly targeting Helen. If Helen is the Godfather, then Amanda is a poor man’s Sonny Corleone, the hot tempered, quick to make a rash move, first son of the Godfather.  The heat on Amanda the past two weeks has gone down dramatically since the MVP gimmick was euthanized by CBS. I don’t think her destiny  is to make it to the end of the game, because she is just to over the top and she can’t manage he behaviors or emotions in a normal, healthy way.
  • Mccrae – Looked like Bambi when his mother got shot, when Judd got shanked at the start of this episode. He is getting tired of Amanda. If the first half of this season was Romeo and Juliet, the second half hopefully will turn into Kramer vs. Kramer, with an ugly split between the two, but let’s be honest, Michael Jackson being married to Lisa Marie Presley stood a better chance at lasting then Amanda and Mccrae.  With Judd out of the house Mccrae is the favorite in my mind to win the game. When Helen and Amanda fire the first real shot towards one another, it will probably get really messy in that house and Mccrae, although a huge threat can potentially continue to slide under the radar. He just has to continue to play the King to Amanda’s boisterous Queen of Hearts, “off with her head” vibe.
  • Jessie – Jessie is like a liberal on Fox News, nobody there wants to hear what she has to say. Jessie has accurately called out the dynamics in the house, but it has falling on deaf ears. It looks like her days are numbered. It would be great if she survived and got HOH and then went all Uma Thurman-ee Kill Bill on the house..
  • Spencer – Spencer with his Fidel Castro beard is up on the block for the 18th time in a row. Spencer is the friend who is third in a three man game of Risk. He is your friend that has two men on Ukraine and one on Delaware. Technically he is still in the game, but at any point he can be exterminated. His only chance to get into this game is to survive this week and win HOH and then try and cause utter chaos with crazy nominations. I would love to see that happen, but just like the Big Thunder Mountain railroad ride at Disneyland, it and he can crash horribly at any time.
  • Elissa – Ride and die with Helen for this one. Elissa is confused why Judd was a tad upset after getting treated like Julius Caesar. I would guess that Elissa wants Spencer gone this week, but ultimately her main target still might be Aaryn, stemming from four weeks ago when Aaryn said something trivial to HER(Obviously I’m not talking about the racist things she said to Candice) that anybody else would have already moved passed, but Elissa hasn’t and will have her vengeance in this life or the next.


    Is she aware?

  • Ginamarie – Seriously, does she have any idea what is happening in the house? If she had to take a pop quiz, say 50 questions that focused on the dynamics in the house, such as  whose aligned with who, would you bet a dollar that she could get more than 10 questions right? I wouldn’t.

The Ginger Andy played it completely bitchy safe and so were left with hoping that something will happen soon to shake up the house. This season is void of anybody that we can truly root for at this point. I mean who is going to win America’s player, Judd I guess? Who would be second? Share your thoughts with me, because I don’t know who to root for at this point. Like Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, I feel lost and need to cleanse my soul. I don’t know whose destiny will lead us to a happy ending this season.

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