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Big Brother Australia: Week 9 (Episodes 44 to 47) RHAP-up

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Curt (@CurtClark) and Amy (@RHAPRecapper) are back to cover the double eviction, final Head of House, and welcome return of the Remote Control task from Week 9 of Big Brother Australia.
The talk about:
  • The eviction of the 2 male neighbours back to back, Tom and Richard
  • Sonia Kruger’s fun visit into the house
  • Tom’s curious haircut
  • Travis’s lasagna challenge and phone questions to Aisha
  • The Big Brother spelling bee
  • The ninja “burgulary”
  • The emotional family visits, such as Priya’s diary room visit from Bushan
  • Dave and Priya’s fight
  • Chloe from Chippendale who loves Strategy Dave and his goatee
  • Leo and Skye being the “pride of the Gold Coast”
  • Whether Skye is c-o-c-k-y
  • The male and female dynamics in the house
  • What could be in store for next week when family members do the nominating
  • The foursome of Travis, Priya, Skye and Leo
  • Dave choosing Travis to be the final Head of House during the tiebreaker
  • Tom referencing “Survivor” during his exit interview
  • The amazing original song “Dead Set”
  • And much more!
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