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Big Brother Australia: Week 6 (Episodes 32 to 36) RHAP-up

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Much like Travis, Curt has been “fake evicted” this week from the RHAP-up podcast, so filling in to cover this week’s events with Amy is Canadian Intruder and fellow staffer, Brendan Noel (@BrendanDNoel). Amy gets his thoughts on Big Brother Australia as a whole before diving into the drama, dollars, and double eviction.
Amy and Brendan discuss
  • Skye’s chocolate and golden coin power play and the ramifications of her $5000 win and diary room voting being revealed to the house
  • Skye and Leo’s relationship: is it genuine or just for show?
  • The nominations of : Ryan, Sandra, Jason, David and Priya
  • The new band task, the creation of The Caged Flamingos and their hit single “No One Can Stop Me Now,” and the vocal talents of David and Skye
  • Priya’s $20,000 power play
  • Travis and Aisha’s decision to not take the $50,000 prize to leave immediately
  • Ryan being the most saved housemate, and Sonya’s zingers at him during the live show
  • Travis and Ben’s time in the sanctuary
  • Changing opinions on housemates such as Sandra and Travis
  • The Hot Seat game played by the housemates after the masquerade ball
  • The letters housemates wrote to loved ones, including Jason’s emotional letter to his parents
  • Cat and Lawson’s kiss and decision to move forward as a couple
  • Lawson’s man-bun
  • The evictions of Sandra and Jason
  • The eternal question of what Ryan is bringing to the table (besides frozen chicken)
  • Where in the world is -I think her name is – Marina?
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