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Big Brother Australia: Week 5 (Episodes 27 to 31) RHAP-up

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Join Curt (@curtclark) and Amy (@RHAPRecapper) as they discuss all the happenings in Week 5 of Big Brother Australia, culminating in not only the eviction of household favorite, Sam, but also in the fake eviction of the constantly-nominated Travis.  In addition, Amy and Curt were delighted that we all got treated to a surprise visit from last season’s Ben, as he visits Travis in sequester in the Sanctuary for some game chat, as well as a viewing of The Devil Wears Prada.  Also discussed are the various relationships in the house, including the questionable goings-on between Cat and Lawson, and the strange link between Skye and Leo.  Finally, they talk about the various tasks of the week, from Cat’s Power Play decision, to the conclusion of the Big Brother Resort task…and the return of Big Brother World Service Radio.

What will Skye’s reign as Head of House lead to?  And how will the houseguests react when they discover Travis wasn’t really evicted?  Tune in next time to find out!
Oh…and there’s a new intruder named Marina.
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