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Big Brother Australia: Week 3 (Episodes 13 to 20) RHAP-up

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Join Curt (@curtclark) and Amy (@RHAPRecapper) as they cover three evictions (!!!) and catch up on all the Week 3 action (Episodes 13-20) in the Big Brother Australia house!  In this episode, they discuss:

  • The end of Lawson’s reign as Head of House, as well as the start of the new Sam regime
  • Their various Power Plays, including Jason and David’s “Offline Chat” and Travis’s possible sponsorship deal
  • Gemma’s eviction, and the strange way that Big Brother handled having the houseguests choose between her and Jake
  • The tasks of the week, such as the return of the Yes/No challenge, and the 24-Hour Silent Disco (along with #MagicDion’s dance moves!)
  • The surprise “save” of Cat, the “snap eviction” of Dion, and the tearful departure of Katie
  • Forbidden love in the Big Brother house, and the situation that Cat/Lawson and Sam/Sandra find themselves in
  • Conjecture about the forthcoming intruder…and his mysterious accent
Kick back and enjoy the ride!
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