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Big Brother Australia: Week 11 Finale (Episodes 54 to 56) RHAP-up

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Join Amy (@RHAPRecapper) and Curt (@curtclark) in this MASSIV podcast covering the finale of Big Brother Australia!  Not only do they give a rundown of the winner and runners-up,  but they also cover:

  • A blow-by-blow breakdown of the finale show, including comparisons to the finales of seasons past
  • Different reasons why the Australian public might have voted for Ryan vs. Travis vs. Skye
  • TRAVIA-Gate…and what Priya got so mad about
  • An overarching look at the season…including what worked and what didn’t
  • Recommendations on prior seasons to catch-up on
Thank you to all our loyal listeners, from our Big Brother UK coverage in the summer, through Celebrity Big Brother UK…and now into our trip Down Under!  Stay tuned for our International Big Brother coverage in 2015!
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