Big Brother

Big Brother Australia: Week 10 (Episodes 48 to 53) RHAP-up

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Slip-slap-slop!  Go green with Curt and Amy as we get to our Final 6 in this penultimate BBAU RHAP-Up!

Join Amy and Curt as they cover Week 10 in the Big Brother Australia house, and watch as our Final Eight lose two major players and get down to our Finale Week Final Six!  In this penultimate podcast for the season, listen as they discuss:
  • The somewhat surprising eviction of Strategy Dave…and the somewhat less surprising eviction of Leo
  • Priya’s disappointing spiral into resident pot-stirrer of the Big Brother house, and whether her argumentative approach to things may hurt her game
  • Skye’s annoyance with Lina
  • The RHAP-Up of their favorite challenge (BBAU Remote Control) and the return of their favorite nomination twist (Friends and Family)
  • Ding, Marry, Kill: Dave’s Beard, Dion’s Dancing, Jake’s Rapping
  • Power ranking of the Final Six, along with Curt and Amy’s respective Power Rankings for the winner of Big Brother Australia!
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