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Big Brother Australia: Week 1 RHAP-up

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Listen in as Curt (@curtclark) and Amy (@RHAPRecapper) take in all the Week 1 goodness as Big Brother Australia gets off the ground with power couples, starvation and overpriced coffee!
After having covered Launch Night, Curt and Amy begin by discussing the four new housemates entering the house on the second night, all of whom are put in pairs that are deemed “good matches” by Big Brother.  All four seem likeable, and a bit of time is spent discussing their entrance to the house…especially Gemma’s “kidnapping” of Lawson and Aisha.  More time is spent later focusing on Gemma as probably the least likable housemate of the bunch.  Amy highlights Gemma’s lack of filter and brings up her conversation with Skye (who Gemma refers to as “as deep as a paddling pool”…to her face).
Amy and Curt also cover the various dilemmas that Power Couple/Heads of House Priya and Katie must make, from their decision to split $20,000 in exchange for putting the house on meal replacement shakes for a week to the drama of deciding if and how to budget their money in order to give the rest of the house an allowance to eat at the over-priced Big Brother Diner (where cups of coffee are $30 and slices of cake are $200).  They also haggle with Big Brother over how much it will cost them to purchase immunity for that week.
Both Amy and Curt reveal their 180-degree turn on how they feel about Skye (and to some extent Dion), while also discussing the drama around David’s comments about Lisa’s body to the other boys.  Finally, they discuss Jason and Dion and their selection by the Australian public as the new Heads of House.
So join Curt and Amy for all this and more as coverage of Big Brother Australia continues!
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