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Big Brother Australia – Launch Night Recap

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In this very special coverage of Big Brother Australia, join Curt, Amy and Malory as they give a rundown of the ins and outs of Launch Night, while giving an overview of the ins and outs of the BBAU game and what may be in store for houseguests this season.
First, the trio discuss the structure of the show, and the rather pregnant host, Sonia Kruger.  As a first-timer to the BBAU scene, Malory felt the audience was a bit low-energy, compared to the BBUK crowd…and everyone was surprised by the opening dance number, which both Malory and Amy felt was a cross between Blue Man Group and Stomp (and Curt threw in a little Cirque du Soleil for good measure).  The house, though, was anything but underwhelming, and all three hosts felt the new Australian living quarters blew the houses in the US, Canada and the UK out of the water.
We learn that this season there is a twist in which all the houseguests will be playing in pairs…which Sonia incorrectly says is the first time this has happened anywhere in the world in the history of Big Brother.  The pairs are formed when one houseguest is presented with two options for a partner…one who is a good match and one who is a bad match, based on psychology/personality tests they were all given.  Then the “non-selected” houseguest gets to choose between two possible partners, and so on. The pairs end up being:
  • Priya and Katie (who Priya chooses over Jake).  This ends up being a “bad match,” according to Big Brother…and is also a partnership that Amy, Malory and  Curt were not huge fans of.  It seems that both Alpha females are going to bump heads, which they will have plenty of opportunity to do, because as the first two people into the house they are the first Heads of House and are given the Power…which they will wield all week, impacting the game.  Upon entering, they are directed to the Power Room, where they must observe the other houseguests entering.
  • Jake and Gemma (who Jake chooses over David).  Another “bad match,” but much more liked by all three hosts than the prior couple.  Jake was definitely throwing of a BB Canada vibe, as Curt compared him to Peter Brown, Malory was getting more of an Aneal and Arlie vibe, and Amy was reminded of Tim from last year’s BBAU and also a little of JJ from The Bachelorette.  All three did think that Gemma (at 6’6″) seemed sweet…and that this would be an interesting pairing.
  • David and Sandra (who David chooses over Dion).  Our first “good match” of the night, which didn’t seem surprising…Sandra’s upbeat attitude made her an immediate favorite of Malory’s and Curt’s, and Dion’s glacier-like attitude made it a foregone conclusion he wouldn’t be picked.
  • Dion and Jason (who Dion chooses over Skye).  Another “good match.” Dion seemed to thaw a bit on stage and came off as more personable, and Malory felt sympathy for Dion that he had to choose between two extreme characters like Jason and Skye.  Jason, however, also came off more balanced on stage, and it seems as if they will get along.
  • Skye and Lisa (who Skye chose over Travis). Yet another “bad match,” largely fueled by Travis’s comments that he can’t take people who cry and who seek attention…which Skye has the self-awareness to realize describes her pretty darn good. Curt was surprised to like Lisa as much as he did, and Amy pegged her as the woman on the verge of 30 who is realizing she is the single one in her group of friends…while having a sense of humor about it.
  • Travis and Ryan.  As we get down to our last two housemates, Trevor gets automatically paired with Ryan (which we find out is a “good match.”).  This combo felt a little bro-tastic to both Amy and Curt, but at the same time, they seemed genuine and positive. Malory liked Ryan’s background in graphic design and surfing, and Amy agreed, saying he’d potentially be a great Bachelorette contestant with his young DiCaprio looks.
With all the houseguests in the house, Priya and Katie must make their first Power Play…one of the pairings must be locked in the fishbowl by the pool overnight, and miss out on the opening night party.  They end up choosing Dion and Jason, as they feel they will make the most of it and still try to have a good time, and Amy and Malory agree that they probably would have made the same selection themselves.
However, we leave the Monday Launch Night with Priya and Katie facing a second Power Play…they must choose whether to:
  1. Each claim $100 for themselves
  2. Each claim $1,000 for themselves…and make the house live on meal replacement shakes for three days
  3. Each claim $10,000 for themselves…and make the house live on meal replacement shakes for a week
Priya definitely wants to take the $10,000, but Katie seems torn between paying off her debt, and not wanting to take away food from her new housemates.  Luckily they have 24 hours to decide. Malory says she would definitely take the money, especially taking student loans into account, while Amy and Curt debate what the impact might be on the viewing public.  Regardless, all the hosts do feel that Katie comes off much more positively during this discussion than Priya.
And with that, they wrap up the show, with the knowledge that four more houseguests are going to enter the house on the next day!
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