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BB18 Exit Interview w/ Second & Third Members of the Jury – 8/13/16


RHAP gets more of our Big Brother 18 questions answered by the second and third jury members of CBS’s BB18 on August 13, 2016. Stay tuned to RHAP for more exclusive BB18 content and exit press from as the season continues!


Question & Answer with the 2nd Jury Member of Big Brother 18, Zakiyah Everette

RHAP: When did you know you were going to be evicted?

Zakiyah: I had a gut feeling the day before. Paulie kept trying to reassure me it was Michelle but I knew. I just had a gut feeling and then it was confirmed about three hours before.


RHAP: What was going through your mind when Paulie & Natalie were arguing? Were you worried about how Paulie’s actions were impacting you in the game?

Zakiyah: At that point I already knew it impacted me in the game because I knew I was going to go. Natalie’s man had all the power so I was convinced she was mad. I’m sure she was upset that I gave the information she gave me to Paulie.


RHAP: Why do you think the house flipped against you? Do you feel like there was something you could have done to prevent it?

Zakiyah: I wouldn’t say the house flipped against me. I would say James, Natalie and Bridgette flipped against me. Michelle did what she had to do to get in their ears and it worked. She gave them the idea to get me out. 


RHAP: Who do you think was most responsible for your eviction?

Zakiyah: James, Natalie, Bridgette and Michelle. 



Question & Answer with the 3nd Jury Member of Big Brother 18, Bridgette Dunning

RHAP: In hindsight, are you still happy woth the move to flip the house and save Meech?

Bridgette: Yeah. No regrets there. I cam on this show to play it, not just to float by and do what I’m told. I’m glad I shook the house and I’d do it all over.


RHAP: Why do you think you ended up being Corey’s target after everything that happened?

Bridgette: I think I’ve been Corey & Paulie’s target for a while. The conversation I had with Corey the morning of the live eviction, in the Have Not room, maybe made it clear to him that I was not on their side.


RHAP: What do you think your buddy Frank would say about how you played after his eviction?


Bridgette: I hope Frank is proud of my game play. I still had a huge target on my back. But I played as best I could.


RHAP: What did you say to the voters to campaign to stay in the house during the breaks in the double eviction?

Bridgette: Nothing. I went to go use the bathroom and hold Mr. Jenkins for good luck.




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