Big Brother 18

RHAP Exit Interview with 7th and 8th Members of the BB18 Jury

Big Brother 2016: Exit Interview Questions from the Latest Evicted Houseguest

Big Brother 2016: Exit Interview Questions from the Latest Evicted Houseguest

RHAP gets more of our Big Brother 18 questions answered by the seventh and eighth jury members of CBS’s Big Brother 18 on September 16, 2016. Stay tuned to RHAP for more exclusive BB18 content and exit press as the season continues!

Question & Answer with the 7th Jury Member of Big Brother 18, Victor Arroyo

RHAP: Why did it seem so important for you to maintain integrity in this game? Do you think your unwillingness to be more conniving ultimately hurt your chances?

Victor: Maybe and maybe not. It seems like the more conniving people this season left earlier but all that aside my mom told me to play an honest game when I left my house. I stuck to my guns on that one. I feel like I made big brother history and getting to the final five was an accomplishment in itself after the season that I had.


RHAP: How do you feel about having to compete against people who have played the game before? How much of a difference do you think their previous experience made?

Victor: When I competed I never paid attention to anybody else or never cared about their previous experience. I just focused on myself and winning. I just did the best that I could. But, I guess you could say that being a veteran you have a better idea of how the competitions will be, especially if it is a BB classic. You have a bit of an upper hand.



Question & Answer with the 8th Jury Member of Big Brother 18, Corey Brooks

RHAP: Why do you think Paul and James ultimately decided to get rid of you and not Nicole?

Corey: I am a stronger competitor both mentally and physically and I would have had the most jury votes out of all of them. I probably would have beaten Paul and I would have beaten James for sure. It comes down to the money.


RHAP: You seemed to have very little trouble keeping cool when you were on the block, which many players struggle with. What advice would you give to future players about maintaining their composure?

Corey: Stay positive and confident that your social game was good enough to make sure you have the votes to stay off the block. If you are on the block you have to position yourself that you are next to someone who has pissed a lot of people off.


RHAP: Why do you think you and Nicole were able to outlast the other showmances the way you did?

Corey: We were both mentally and physically strong. We made the right alliances. We would win the right comps that we wanted to win. Strategically, we positioned ourselves better than anyone else did.  


RHAP: How much interest is there on your part to pursue a possible relationship with Nicole outside of the house?

Corey: I definitely think that Nicole is one of the greatest girls. It would be very hard for things to progress if we are that far from each other when we are so used to spending every second of every day together but I am hopeful we can continue to be best friends outside of the house and see where it goes.


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