Big Brother 18

RHAP Exit Interview with 5th Member of the BB18 Jury


RHAP gets more of our Big Brother 18 questions answered by the fifth jury members of CBS’s Big Brother 18 on August 13, 2016. Stay tuned to RHAP for more exclusive BB18 content and exit press as the season continues!

Question & Answer with the 5th Jury Member of Big Brother 18, Michelle Meyer

RHAP: Did Michelle know she was going home or was it a complete blindside to her?

Michelle: I didn’t know until an hour before. I was apparently the pawn early on, but things changed. I thought I had worked my magic an hour before eviction, but I guess it didn’t work.


RHAP: Why do you think Nicole ultimately decided you were a bigger threat to her game than Paul?

Michelle: I think it was a personal issue over strategic. Obviously, I called her a snake earlier. I’m not the bigger threat; I’m not in a duo with Victor. I only have one comp win under my belt, Paul has three and Victor has eight. I could have put her on the block when I was co-HOH, but I decided to play strategically and put up Corey, and sent Victor home instead.


RHAP: If you could replay it, would you use the Co-HOH care package differently now?

Michelle: Yes, I would have convinced Natalie that we should have put up Corey and Nicole and sent Nicole home. But she may have won the buy-back, so maybe we should have sent Corey home.


RHAP: Since Michelle is a super fan, who does she believe the other super fans most want to see go far in the game and why?

Michelle: I would say James. He was America’s favorite player, he’s an honest player, he’s a great guy, and he protected Natalie.


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