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Big Brother 2014: Interview with BBCAN2 Winner, Jon Pardy


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Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Brian Lynch (@LynchMGM) are joined by the winner of Big Brother Season 2, Jon Pardy (@GoofyNewfieBBCA) for an extended discussion on Big Brother Canada.
Making Newfoundland Proud
Jon doesn’t think life is ever going to go back to normal since Big Brother Canada. He says the support he got from Newfoundland and all across Canada while he was on the show was unreal, and that he still gets recognized walking down the street. Since Newfoundland isn’t a very populated area like Toronto, Pardy says whenever someone from there does something big like Hockey or Reality TV, people notice. He has only seen fellow Newfoundland-er Kenny once since the show wrapped at an event, but he spent more time with Arlie who was in Newfoundland for 13 days.
There was no animosity between Jon and Arlie, because Arlie respects the game so much. There was a little animosity between Jon and Neda, but they have since smoothed things over. It took Jon and Neda a week to smooth things over because Neda “holds a grudge like no other”.

No Emotions, All Strategy

The decision to take out Neda was based on the fact that Jon did not want to play an emotional game. He felt taking Neda would have been an emotional decision rather than a strategic one, and it would have screwed him over in the end. Although Jon would have loved to be standing next to Neda at the end, it wouldn’t have benefitted him in the end. When Adel was evicted, Jon realized that Neda was playing her own game and that he had to do the same. Although Neda gave Jon a lot of strategy talks, he wouldn’t have actually followed through with them if he didn’t feel like they were best for his game, and most of the time they were.

When Jon was sitting next to Sabrina in Final 2, he thought “Oh my god, I actually have a chance at winning this thing.” He was feeling pretty confident, because he knew where most of the jury votes would lie.

When the First 5 was in control, Jon’s main concern was learning the game. He had never seen the game before, and he wanted to make sure that he knew what was going on. When it became clear that he was not in the First 5, he looked for alternate arrangements and ended up with the Sloppy Seconds.

Keep It In The Sling

Jon felt at first that his dislocated shoulder was going to hinder him in the game, but Neda told him to keep it in the sling for as long as he can because no one was going to look at him as a challenge threat. Rob makes the comparison to Tyson Apostle from Survivor: Blood vs. Water, who also had a dislocated shoulder early on in the game and ended up winning.
Jon feels his best game move was aligning with Neda, because she was able to bring him up to speed on the strategy behind Big Brother.
Bamboozling Arlie

He was a little hesitant about working with Arlie, because Arlie turned on the First 5 so quickly. It basically became Jon needed to get Arlie before Arlie got Jon, and Jon had a prime opportunity with being HoH. He knew that Arlie could play the next HoH competition and Jon couldn’t, so he struck while he had the chance. Jon felt him and Arlie would have only gone to the Final 2 together if they had a competition run.

Jon feels if Arlie had stayed, he could have blew that house up. Jon feels that Arlie would have been in the tiebreaker question for the HoH competition, and if he or Allison had won, Jon would have been on the block and probably headed home.

Getting Close To Neda

Although Jon would have wanted to align with Neda in a possible All-Stars season, Neda said there would be zero chance of that happening so Jon will give Emmitt and Jillian a call. If he were to go back, his sole intention would be winning.

Jon auditioned at the encouragement of his friends. He borrowed his sister’s iPad, set it on the coffee table and sent in a minute and a half video of him with his shirt off.  Jon and his girlfriend Janelle are having trouble adjusting to life after Big Brother, and Janelle did have questions about how close he and Neda got.  Jon started getting clues that Neda was not taking Jon to the end, because Neda was having trouble lying to Jon.  Jon didn’t have a Diary Room session about evicting Neda, because he really didn’t want to talk about it.

The Neda Whirlwind

Although Jon wasn’t too unnerved by it, a lot of his fellow cast members were jealous of the shows move to Global from Slice. Jon thinks its going to be great for the series and that his fellow cast members were giving themselves credit for bumping it up there.

One of the pranks that Neda pulled on Jon was to take tampons, put red nail polish on them and put them on Jon’s bed. The prank made Jon the maddest he was the entire game. Although he plotted his revenge, he couldn’t figure a way to top it.

Jon isn’t mad at Neda for calling him out at the finale, because she was going through a whirlwind of emotions. Jon doesn’t think he played Neda’s game, but thinks that they were instrumental in each other’s games.

The biggest surprise to Jon was when Kenny was on the block next to Sabrina, and Rochelle voted to evict Sabrina.
Jon had zero idea about the secret room and that there were three other people living in the house. He says that people were suspicious of Allison when she first entered the house, but those suspicions went away when she got into a showmance with Andrew.

Drinking Your Way Through BBCA

Jon thinks that drinking during the game contributes a lot to his strategy. He remembers one instance when he was drunk and he made a final two deal with Neda, before going downstairs and making a Final 3 with Adel and Arlie. When Arlie called him out the next morning and asked him who was in this final 3 deal, he had no idea.

Jon calls leaving the Big Brother house a culture shock, because you were stuck with these people 24/7 and when you leave everyone knows who you are and wants to talk to you.
Although Jon thinks that he may have cut his finger swinging the door open as he was leaving the house, but he has no idea.

Jon thinks the drinking challenge with Allison was when he was the most drunk in the game. They used mints in between drinking sessions so no one could smell the alcohol on him.

Making the Right Call

If Jon had taken Neda to the end, he believes that Neda would have won because the majority of the jury would have voted for Neda. Arlie would have voted for whoever was taken by the other to the end, because the move would have been so stupid.

Everything with Jon and Sabrina is good since the game ended. He thinks what you see is what you get with Sabrina, and she had brunch with Jon and Neda. Jon is surprised at how well the cast is getting along after the show. Heather and Rochelle do events together, and Sabrina and Adel are even talking.

Jon will be going all across Canada with the BBCAN2 cast, including Adel and Heather. He will be in Toronto for a BB16 premier party.  Jon is definitely going to be watching BB16 since he has fallen in love with the game while being on the show.

Should Canada Wake Up or Get Up?

Jon is really glad that he was not in the first five people into the house, because he didn’t know a ton of strategy, but he didn’t think that it was a real solid game move on their part.
“Wake Up Canada” came from a game of Ping Pong that Jon and Adel were playing. When Jon won, he started screaming “Get Up Canada!” and Adel ran around the house screaming “Wake Up Canada!”

Jon feels that anyone in the house is going to get annoying after a while, but Sabrina was definitely very emotionally strung out. Jon feels her game was basically saying there was a bigger threat then her sitting next to her on the block, so he feels she got lucky in a lot of respects. Jon doesn’t find Sabrina annoying outside of the house.
Jon has no idea what happened while he was drunk, but was told that Allison kissed him on the cheek during the drinking challenge.

Canada Needs To Wake Up One Hundo Percent

Jon doesn’t miss his privacy from before the show. He loves doing events and meeting all new people from this experience. He does miss the time he could go to the bar and just have a pint, and not a pitcher.

Jon’s favorite moment in the house besides winning and seeing his dad was convincing the Gremlins to vote out Arlie, because it was the most they played the game, and it worked in their favor.
If Neda had been in the Finals with Sabrina, Jon would have voted for Neda one Hundo percent. Jon clarifies that Hundo means business.

All the catch phrases that they used in the house were used just because they were fun, but he realized that they were catching on when he got the Hundo shirt in his HoH basket. He really likes the Hundo shirt, but is getting the “I touch myself inappropriately” t-shirt framed.

Expecting The Unexpected

He had no idea what to expect walking into the game, but he thinks it helped him a lot by not knowing the game because he was focused on studying these players.
He knew that there was zero chance of Heather taking him to the finals, so he has no regrets about not taking her to the end.

Jon would want to be on the Bachelor Canada, although he has no idea if there even is a Bachelor Canada.
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Special Thanks to Michael Shaheen for another great episode recap


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