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Big Brother 20 Preseason Power Rankings | Maddy Poplett

Matt Liguori ranks the houseguests each week with a new guest in RHAP’s Big Brother 20 Power Rankings. This week Matt is joined by Big Brother Canada 6‘s Maddy Poplett!


  • Power Rankings will contain information from the live feeds. If you are only watching Big Brother 20 episodes and consider information from the feeds to be spoilers, come back after watching the eviction episodes!).
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Big Brother 20 Preseason Rankings

Hey guys! I’m very excited to be back here for another season of power rankings. It’s been so much fun doing this for all of the Big Brother and Survivor seasons in the past year and I’m excited to keep it rolling! This cast looks great, the house looks great, and it sounds like we’re getting no vets after all. If we are in fact in for an all newbies season with a cast this promising, I’m hopeful we could get a season that somewhat makes up for whatever they tried to put on our TVs last summer.

Along with the new cast, we have a new guest here on the power rankings! Joining me to share her thoughts on the 16 new players is Big Brother Canada 6‘s Maddy Poplett! Anyone who watched BBCAN6 knows that Maddy is a huge BB superfan, and she’s just as excited as I am for this season to get started. Follow us on Twitter if you’d like, @mattliguori  & @MaddyBBCAN6… tweet us and let us know what you think and/or leave a comment below!

Maddy: “Hey all! I’m super honoured and #grateful to have been asked to join Matt for his preseason power ranking of this year’s BBUS! I’m trying to go with my gut here, and this season has SO MUCH POTENTIAL so honestly rankings were pretty tough! The more I learn about the houseguests the more my opinions change. Can’t wait to see how this season shakes out!”




1. Tyler

Tyler gets extra points for being an actual superfan. The comparisons to David Girton or even Hayden Voss can’t go unsaid, but I think there’s a touch of Josh Martinez in this guy. If Josh was a surfer bro, he’d be Tyler. A superfan who seems fun-loving and likable… you get my #1 spot.

 1. Rachel

Something about this girl tells me she just gets it. Sure, she’s the Vegas entertainer with great boobs and a flirty attitude, but she seems to have a mastery of who she is. The serving/entertainment industry is NO JOKE and I think the self-awareness and self-marketing she uses day to day will be a huge asset in the house. She speaks a lot about balance in her interviews and I like that as well. She’ll adapt well. Go Rachel! Get it girl!

2. Sam

Sam is going to be a natural at this game. She’s a very sweet southern girl who seems unlikely to offend anybody. Sam fully passes the test of “can you see this person still in the game when the OTEV comp rolls around?” plus the test of.. “wow you remind me of Jordan Lloyd… who was almost a two-time winner.”

 2. Winston

Does anyone else get Hayden Moss vibes from Winston? In my dream showmance world, Winston and Rach get it going and pull off a few back-to-back control weeks. On the other hand, I could see Winston taking the no-showmance route and taking on a great deep-game bro alliance storyline that keeps him safe and in the know. There are way bigger “Alpha” wannabes that’ll steal the threat spotlight from our boy Winston if he can keep his ego in check.

3. Winston

This guy is charming. I don’t want to hear any of these Matt Clines comparisons. Winston knows the game and knows what he’s here for. He’s got the social game locked in and I think with a house full of personalities bound to blow up on one another, Winston should have no issues skating by to jury and then making a run for the win. The anti-showmance stance he took with Ika is also really assuring, but who knows whether or not he’ll stick to that.

 3. Scottie

It’s no secret that Scottie reminds everyone of Andy Herren. It’s also no secret that I love Andy’s game. If Scottie can somehow avoid that label in the house and keep the awesome self-deprecating sarcasm as a shield, he’s golden. I already want to meet this guy! I think he’ll keep a good eye on the prize and roll with any twists. I also think the other houseguests will feel inclined to trust/confide in him. He’d be higher on my rankings if I thought he’d be a major physical contender in a very able-bodied cast (I hope he lasts to the chicken wire comp… he’d be hysterical) but he could surprise me! I could see Scottie’s social game carrying him through most weeks though.

4. Rachel

I get really good vibes from Rachel because she’s another one who seems to know the game well. As a Vegas entertainer, she’s got social skills that she’ll be able to apply to the game. I think this season is likely to have any variety of showmances, and I imagine Rachel might end up in one of those. Either way, she’s got what it takes to go far and the ambition to play hard.

 4. Tyler

Okay, I gotta admit: I thought this guy was nuts at first. Those bulgey eyes buddy! Relax! After taking some time to get into him though, I’m totally charmed and I think a bunch of the houseguests will be too. He’s a superfan, so I want to hope he’ll see social warning signs a little faster than his stoner-surfer-esque stereotype will lead the other houseguests to believe. I think he’ll catch a learning wave (sorry, I’ll stop) and ride it into the final weeks where hopefully a good alliance/key comp wins could get him closer to the end.

5. Scottie

We’re still not yet in a world where the nerdy guy should be ranked outside of the top 5 in a preseason cast assessment. Discounting night one evictions, these guys usually go far. Scottie has a ton of charm. He’ll keep everybody laughing with him (and at him.. in a good way). He could absolutely win the game.

5. Sam

I LOVE SAM, GUYS. Maybe it’s the Canadian in me, but her genuine, engaging conversation and quirky linguistics just tickle me. Also, girl is perceptive, a patient & careful speaker, and seems a little mysterious beneath the Southern charm accent. I believe in her! I don’t think the game will swallow her up—she’ll be incredibly effective at flying under the radar. She mentioned that she saw Daniele Donato as “a smart girl who happened to be pretty… not a pretty girl who happened to be smart.” Yes girl!!!!!

6. Swaggy C

There’s a natural charisma about Swaggy C that I picked up on from his ET Canada interview. After finding out that he’s a big fan of the show and knows the game well, I have a hard time seeing what could get in his way. Coming in with such a unique and fun nickname won’t hurt either. Who wants to get rid of Swaggy C, a guy who sounds like he’ll be the most fun person to live with 99 days?

 6. Angela

To me, Angela made the strongest female threat impression of the cast. That may bode well for her…. Or not. I do believe Angela can fight for her place though. She makes very decisive, matter of fact statements with confidence and conviction. As a person, I love that. But as a game player? It might not go over well.

7. Kaycee

My worry about Kaycee is that she seems very competitive and may not try to hide that. I think she’ll do well with the social game, but I just worry that if she comes off as the physically and mentally strong player I think she is, she gets evicted around the Tiffany BB18/Erica BBCAN6 spot where everyone agrees she’s too big of a threat to bring deep into the jury phase. If she can lay low early on, Kaycee’s another one with potential to go far.

 7. Steve

Time to run a bath! Let’s talk Steve. At first, he was wayyy up on my list, but the more I get to know him the more I think he’ll be too set in his ways to adapt to an ever-changing complicated social dynamic predominantly run by people much younger than he is. I hope the former cop training comes in handy! If not, I hope he’s pre-jury so he can get home to the fam (and his own bathtub).

8. Steve

This has to be the highest I’ve been on the “older” houseguest during the preseason of any BB cast in recent years. He seems really likable with a great sense of humor. I think although Steve is older than most of the house, he’ll be just as lovable as BB19 Kevin was, but a much more active player.

 8. Kaycee

If girl can keep the (boss) attitude in check, she’ll be a force. But maaaaan, I think the first alpha-competitor challenge that comes Kaycee’s way will end up being her downfall. She’ll talk big and probably be able to back it up, but I think she’ll flame out early.

9. Angela

Angela has robbed queen written all over her. Tiffany Rousso, Shelli Poole, Amber or Brittany from BB16 if those two count, etc. I can’t help feeling like Angela will end up on the block because “she’s liked by everybody in the house and nobody would ever evict her and blah blah blah”…. and ultimately something goes wrong and the pawn goes home. Even if that’s not the case, I just don’t know that I see Angela winning.

 9. Bayleigh

Our girl Bails wants to play the sweetheart card, but also says she has a tendency to call people out. She also wants to be a competitive force, but also wants people to be comfortable around her. Kinda confusing? Bayleigh is a true wildcard for me. I think she is absolutely stunning though!

10. Haleigh

I can’t tell if Haleigh actually knows the game, or she just thinks she knows the game because she binged BB16 in sequester. She seems to have the right answers, but I’m just not sure. She’s one of those players I don’t have very strong opinions on, like an Ali from BBCAN6, and I can see a similar trajectory for Haleigh: ends up being an active player but finishes somewhere in the middle of the pack.

10. Faysal

I think Fessie will have a short fuse under the crazy pressure that is the Big Brother house. I like the confidence he has, but I think a pressure cooker environment will only push Faysal’s buttons. I see him as an early scapegoat “get a semi-threat out but really we don’t want him here and everyone can pretend to get along this week” nom.

11. Faysal

I can’t get a great read on this guy either. He reminds me a lot of Cody, with his straight-faced way of speaking and short, to-the-point answers in interviews. I get the feeling he won’t be able to sit back and let the game play out; he’ll get involved in a little more than he needs to and being such a big guy, he’ll have nowhere to hide once he stands out even a little bit.

11. Angie Rockstar

An absolute casting gem. I can’t wait to watch her, but if she’s not gone week 1 I feel like she’s early jury at best. She will definitely have a dedicated fanbase outside of the house!

12. Kaitlyn

So here’s the thing. I think I really like Kaitlyn (New York bias is a thing!), but I don’t love her chances. She doesn’t plan on telling the house about how she reads people’s auras and energy and all that, but I feel like it’ll still be on her mind 24/7. I feel like Kaitlyn may have a hard time seeing the game for what it is and picking up on other players’ true intentions.

 12. Brett

Brett is the kind of guy I’d pretend I didn’t hear talking to me at a bar. Can you not? I understand that the purpose of interviews is for the houseguests to talk about themselves, but you can just FEEL that Brett will turn any conversation into a Brettversation as soon as possible. The douche attitude will definitely make for great TV, but I see pre-jury in Brett’s tightly t-shirted future.

13. Brett

Who is Brett getting into a showmance with? Because that’s definitely happening. It just seems like this story writes itself: Brett and his showmance are a part of the big alliance of popular kids formed in week one. Things go well for the first two weeks. The group splits up and Brett isolates himself with his showmance. Brett loses Big Brother.

 13. Haleigh

I am already pre-cringing at the things this girl is bound to say. I don’t see her as very self-aware and I’m not sure if she’ll bring much to the table competitively or socially. Sorry girl!

14. Bayleigh

I love the fire I see in Bayleigh. I’m not sure how well that’ll translate to Big Brother, but at the very least I think she’ll be great for #TeamFunFeeds. When Ika asked her how she’d approach somebody who came to her and said she’d be going up as a pawn, she didn’t have the greatest response. Bayleigh may not be fully aware of what she’s getting herself into, but I’d be happy to be wrong.

 14. Swaggy C

Anyone who titles themselves as Swaggy Anything has an uphill battle to gain any favour from me. However… it IS confident. I think Mr. Swag here will be 2nd or 3rd week boot.

15. Angie Rockstar

Rockstar seems super fun, but unfortunately she’s the exact type of early boot we’ve all come to spot a mile away. Close your eyes and imagine Julie telling the houseguests “Congrats, you’ve made it to jury!” and let me know if you see Angie Rockstar sitting on that couch. Nah, right? We would never get that lucky.

 15. JC

I really tried to avoid internet opinions before writing these rankings. Truly, I tried. Unfortunately  JC’s internet presence precedes him and it’s hard to believe he’ll be anything but a big ol’ mess in the BB house.

16. JC

JC is going to be a fun time for a short time. (Whoops!) If he manages to get to jury, I have to think I’ll be surprised. JC seems like he’ll be easily manipulated and easily used as a pawn. There’s no chance this guy dictates any strategy whatsoever. He should be able to hold his own in some comps, but the game is going to hit him so hard in the face he’ll feel like Becky Burgess with an oncoming train.

 16. Kaitlyn

I think she’s sweet but this game will probably eat her alive. She was the most forgettable of the pre-season media to me (sorry Kaitlyn!!) so therefore she hits the bottom of my list.


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