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Big Brother 20 Power Rankings – Week 9


  • Power Rankings will contain information from the live feeds. If you are only watching Big Brother 20 episodes and consider information from the feeds to be spoilers, come back after watching the eviction episodes!).

Big Brother 20 Power Rankings – Week 9

I’m very sorry to have missed a week last week, but I really ran out of time having been traveling and then straight back to work. I had began rankings and saved my order, so for anybody interested… last week I went… Tyler > Brett > JC > Angela > Kaycee > Sam > Haleigh > Fessy > Scottie.

But I’m back! Let me know your thoughts, if you’d like to on Twitter @mattliguori, or leave a comment below!

1. Tyler

As the final portion of the game begins to rear its head, Tyler’s position in the game is about as ideal as anyone could ask for. He’s the clear favorite to win and it’s hard to see anybody stopping him. His many final 2 deals and sub-alliances are going to do wonders for him if he does end up on the block in the next few weeks. I mean, I’m not writing Tyler the check yet, but we’re getting pretty close.

2. Brett

The war between Brett and Tyler either evaporated or has been temporarily delayed after this new Final 2 deal they made during the veto comp. It’s hard to see Tyler wanting Brett out over whoever comes back into the game, and Angela/Kaycee haven’t seemed too interested in taking that shot yet. I love Brett, and I’d love to see him win, but if he can’t secure something legit soon (with someone other than I-Have-Four-Final-2-deals Tyler), he’ll only be hurting himself.

3. Kaycee


Another comp win this week is a good start if Kaycee wants to build her resume back up after being used as a pawn in consecutive weeks. Kaycee still hasn’t made any enemies, so there’s no reason she can’t win if she gets to the end against somebody who has.

4. JC


JC takes a dip this week because I cannot understand why he’s allowing Fessy to go home. “Anybody but me” my ass. Fessy is his self-proclaimed “big dumb puppet” and he has no control over Haleigh. He’s also been super pushy all week trying to get Brett and Tyler to target Angela and Kaycee. Luckily for him, Angela can’t play for HoH this week, but with Tyler sharing some of JC’s conversations with the girls, it would not be surprising to see them coming for him sooner than they otherwise would have.

5. Angela


Angela made the move that needed to be made this week.. but she really shouldn’t have wanted to be the one to do it. She instantly regretted winning after the comp ended. Anyone else in her alliance making these two extra enemies would’ve been so much better for her, but the Faileigh blood will be on her hands. If the returnee or Haleigh wins the next HoH, you can be sure Angela will be on the block.

6. Sam

Sam SHOULD be dragged to the final 2, but for some reason her name is still being thrown around as somebody who needs to go soon. If I can get inside of Tyler’s head, I think he wants her to be out of here sooner rather than later so that the temptation of bringing her to the end is gone, because as we all know, if Sam is sitting in the end… there’s only one spot left. If she’s gone, there’s two seats to vie for. So if that is the case, I suppose Sam actually will be on her way out in due time. If Angela or Kaycee are smart enough, they’ll see right through that. But are they?

7. Haleigh

I’m very happy for Haleigh that the house has decided Fessy is the bigger target of this poor, sad duo. I can’t imagine what, if anything, could rejuvenate Haleigh’s game, but I guess on the bright side she will be re-gaining an ally this Thursday night. And since both her and her ally will be able to compete for HoH, their odds aren’t too bad. I know I’ll be rooting for her and whoever she’s got by her side. Haleigh gets some props this week for working her way around the rest of the house, but as Angela said in her nomination speech… it may be too little too late.

8. Fessy

It’s pretty impressive how truly bad at Big Brother this guy is. Like top 5 worst players, Fessy’s made the list. In the past I tried to give him credit for being so lost in the game because the hinky votes and power apps were throwing them off, but here… with the writing on the walls and Fessy STILL says the dumbest things and gets mad at Haleigh for playing the game correctly (for the first time)… I just have nothing left to say. For his sake, he should hope he gets evicted and this nightmare ends before it gets worse, if that’s even possible.

1. Scottie

Despite the fact that his own ally sent him home, the rest of the house had him at the top of their target list. So if Fessy hadn’t taken the shot, someone else would’ve very soon. Coming back into the house won’t really do much for him. He should have Haleigh by his side, so one of them better pick up the HoH or he’ll be right back out the door. I have him ranked #1 of the returnees because I’d imagine most comps would favor him doing well for the Battle Back.

2. Bayleigh

Bayleigh returning would be quite the interesting scenario. The HoH who sent her home and the guy she got into a huge fight with are both still in the house and seem to be on top of the world these days, so I’m sure there’s nothing she would like more than to win an HoH and send one of them home. But honestly, I could see Bayleigh throwing the Battle Back comp. Remember when juror #1 and #2, Day and Zakiyah jumped off in BB18? I think some people get so relaxed outside of the game, they accept where they’re at and have no interest in coming back to the stressful environment.

3. Rockstar

I reaaaaally hope Rockstar doesn’t come back. I loved our time with her, but the spot she went out was perfect because she didn’t get dragged to final 2 and that’s exactly what might happen if she somehow got back in. She’ll be up against three people who have won comps this season (while she’s won nothing), so hopefully I have nothing to worry about.

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