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Big Brother 20 Power Rankings – Week 6 | Mike Bloom

Matt Liguori ranks the houseguests each week with a new guest in RHAP’s Big Brother 20 Power Rankings. This week Matt is joined by RHAP’s own Mike Bloom!


  • Power Rankings will contain information from the live feeds. If you are only watching Big Brother 20 episodes and consider information from the feeds to be spoilers, come back after watching the eviction episodes!).
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Big Brother 20 Power Rankings – Week 6

My guest this week is a man who would never pass up an opportunity to anallice Big Brother players, RHAP’s own and Parade Magazine writer, Mike Bloom! Tweet us your thoughts, @AMikeBloomType and @mattliguori, let us know what you think and/or leave a comment below!



1. Tyler


Well, that was close. Haleigh stepped on the gas, nominating Tyler for the first time this season… but  she quickly hit the breaks, and while her alliance continues to crumble, Tyler was saved from danger. With his alliance looking stronger than ever and the perception of him somehow totally off-base… it’s Tyler Time. Time to get Tyler back to the top of these rankings.

 1. JC

In probably the most surprising development between preseason predictions and now, the short guy is delivering when it comes to the long game. The fact that he has basically NEVER voted with FOUTTE, yet is still included in their meetings and in the ear of people like Fessy is a sight to behold. He seems to be covered on both sides now, and the one time he was going to be on the block, he was protected by the lower half of his Master Blaster-like relationship. His behavior is abhorrent, in my opinion, but his gameplay is superb.

2. JC

I’ve really started to focus on JC’s game this week, because the way he’s been playing up until now has been good, but he needs to shake things up eventually. His game had been well hidden, but not so much anymore. His alliance is catching onto his motives and he doesn’t have the relationship with a lot of them to assure them that they’re not wrong. Regardless, JC is super safe no matter who wins HoH next week and remains one of the most liked people in the game.

 2. Tyler

This is a BB20 power ranking, so Tyler has to be in the top three. You’re probably wondering how Tyler ended up so high, considering that he was nominated anonymously and as a result scurried around faster than a crab on the sand at Hilton Head. Look no further than the fact that, of the six players going for the Veto this week, 5—yes, FIVE!—of them were planning to take him off. He is being perceived as a lamb, but playing like a lion, and that will help him greatly in his march to the end. I question how much longer he’ll be able to come across as a “free agent” post-Kaitlyn, but we got to see a sample of Tyler facing some adversity this week, and he prevailed.

3. Kaycee


Kaycee’s game has been a pretty flat line this season. Hasn’t gone too far up, hasn’t gone too far down. She’s riding her spot in Level 4 as far as it’ll go and it’s continued to work for her. With Angela as HoH and the alliance back on top, there’s not a ton to worry about if you’re a Kaycee fan.

3. Kaycee

Kaycee, much like a beloved product from her peanut costume this week, has been smooth (and yes, smooth peanut butter is the optimal peanut butter. I don’t want to crunch down on something and have a brief second of panic where I think something went wrong at the Skippy factory!). She’s the closest ally of arguably the most powerful player in the house, in addition to maintaining positive one-on-one relationships in the house. If and when Level 6 (5? 4?) breaks down, I think it would be tough for any of them not to think Kaycee was with them. I’m not sure if that will necessarily translate into a winning game, but it’s certainly one to get her far.

4. Brett


Brett has quietly crept into one of the best spots in the house. Having Angela leading the way this week with Tyler and Kaycee right by her side (while Brett sits back and pretends that he isn’t “with” them) is about as perfect of a week as Brett could’ve had. Until I see Foutte get their s**t together, I have no reason to worry about Brett.

 4. Sam

I can’t really see a reason for anyone to get rid of Sam right now, outside of her getting bit by one of the spiders she tries to trap and needed to get evacuated. She is a solid ally of Tyler’s with no intention of deceiving him any time soon. Despite her antiquated and hypocritical ways of thinking, she’s generally likable among her fellow houseguests. And she reduced her stature by proving she lacks some finesse with her big scheme to disarm the hacker on her own. Also, can we just ruminate on the fact that, had everyone taken a page out of Big Brother 19’s playbook and thrown the hacker comp to Sam, how crazy that would be? Especially having the winner of a computer-based challenge be Sam “Commodore 64 or Bust” Bledsoe?

5. Sam


I’ve been holding onto the idea that Sam could potentially win the game if she’s dragged to the end and up against somebody disliked by the jury, but that thought is fading fast. After her pitch regarding the Hacker comp, the house is realizing that Sam as a Big Brother player is a big joke. Foutte would never vote for Sam to win and Level 4 still hold her close, but only because she’s easily manipulated. So while I’m counting her out as a winner candidate, I’m still not expected to see her evicted in the month of August.

5. Haleigh

This was a VERY up and down week for Haleigh. If we considered only Thursday and Friday for this, she would be sky high. She not only won one of the most dominating powers I have ever seen as a result of crushing the quiz straight out of the set of The Mole, but she took a shot at the biggest player of the season (albeit not necessarily for reasons we would). But I think her choice of Kaycee for the Veto was, to quote one of her closest allies, “REAL CUTE!” in that she made a choice that set to undo the work she did. And her choices made to keep her anonymity ended up being for naught, as the opposition pretty much has her figured out. It’s unfortunate, because I think she holds a maturity wise beyond her years. But I think eyes are definitely on her now, and not in a leechy Fessy way.

6. Fessy


I said last week that Fessy was looking to be in a good spot, and while that’s less the case this week because his alliance is taking a big dump, it’s still somewhat true for him. Despite being a competition threat, he has JC protecting him and Haleigh may soon stand out as a bigger target, especially after the suspicion of her being the hacker.

 6. Angela

What a difference a couple of weeks make! I’m assuming some prince somewhere denied an enchantress entrance to a castle, because the furniture has come to life. In the past few weeks, she’s gotten Kaitlyn voted out, turned on her best friend, and talked the person with the biggest power out of using it before backdooring her. Not only are we seeing her ice-cold in the DR, but she won HoH and Veto this week, denying the hacker any chance of breaking into the mainframe. But we’re reaching the jury phase now, and games are made and broken by the way you treat people on their way out the door. Angela is…not starting off on a good note, considering she went back on her word and backdoored Bayleigh. If she makes it to the end, I can actually imagine her having a similar outcome to someone like Ivette from BB6: playing a solid game physically and strategically, but undoing all of that with the taste she leaves in people’s mouths after they go.

7. Angela

Savangela had quite the HoH week. Having secured the veto, Angela was able to stick to her own agenda despite Hacker Haleigh trying to mess things up. As I’ve mentioned, I feel good about Level 4’s position in the game right now, and as long as Bayleigh is the one to go… what does Angela have to worry about?

 7. Fessy

Fessy is thirsty for only two things in the Big Brother house: Haleigh and the truth. Unfortunately, he’s not close to getting either. Ordinarily, a person like him would get targeted quickly when in the minority due to both proficiency in competitions and his one-on-one connections with others (see what the God Squad attempted to do with Crazy James in BB9 as an example). But JC has his hooks dug into him so hard that I could see him become one of the last members staying of the former FOUTTE. Brett boasting that they should keep Fessy around just to get his dumbfounded reaction to everything might actually come to bear fruit.

8. Scottie


This week started and will end in total opposite directions for Scottie. When Angela made her initial nominees, it was clear she wanted Scottie to go (or perhaps Fessy). Now, having been saved from the block and pulled in by Tyler to snuggle up next to Angela and the rest of Level 4, Scottie has some protection from both sides of the house. There’s a chance Foutte could target him next week due to his betrayal, but it’s much more likely they target a Level 4 member and try (/fail) to pull Scottie back in.

 8. Rockstar

This is where the fine line between “can win” and “can go far” comes into play. I think there’s a large chance that Rockstar is going to be the last member of FOUTTE standing if Level 6 has their way, as she’s perceived as overly emotional and not that good at competitions. From that perspective, I could see when the other side splinters, they pick her up as an easy candidate for Final 3 (and they’ll pay for it when Part 1 is just clinging to a rock wall while listening to Kaitlyn encourage you the entire time). But she has an easier chance getting Brett to write fanfiction about her than she does of winning, considering how much she’s blown up on people and visibly been out of the loop.

9. Rockstar


I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rockstar begin a slow climb up the rankings, solely for the fact that she won’t be going home as soon as we thought. With every passing eviction, it looks more and more like Rockstar will end up going far, being someone “easy to beat in competitions.” Overall, Rockstar’s game continues to stay the same… nothing good happening, lots of tears, etc.

 9. Scottie

In jumping over with Angela and Tyler after feeling on the outs of FOUTTE, Scottie is doing well to stay his execution by at least a couple of weeks should Level 6 keep dominating. But I don’t know if this is a winning game. For some reason, I envision a James Rhine 1.0 situation where one week both sides, equally nervous about him, decide to declare a temporary truce and get rid of him. Not to mention that the jury is most likely going to be filling with FOUTTE folks soon, all of which will not be happy with his deviance, compounded with all the other things they are correctly or incorrectly blaming him for.

10. Haleigh


I’d been wondering what it would take to tank Haleigh’s game, since she was riding in such a safe spot (not a big target, not a threat, etc); this Hacker comp win really might’ve sealed her fate. It’s so hard to pull off a lie in the Big Brother house if you’re actively bad at lying. Fessy knew (and still knows) that Haleigh was the hacker, as do probably 1/4 of the rest of the house. So now that Tyler probably knows Haleigh is after him, I’d say her time left in the house is somewhat limited, barring a string of Foutte comp wins. (By the way… another week of dropping someone down from #1 on here to the near bottom. Isn’t Big Brother fun?)

10. Brett

I admire his efforts in trying to come across like he’s on the outs. I mean, dude’s got to do something, he was nominated as the intended target twice in five weeks. But like he vocalized on the last episode, having an entire side after you, compounded with a hacker power that can put you up even if your alliance wins HoH, is not allowing him to drop off of the radar as quickly as he should. I predict him to be one of the first Level 6 people to go, whether by his own alliance’s hand or the others finally getting their target booted. Also, I really wish we get a spelling competition soon, if only to have Brett one up his fantastic unscrambling skills with “ANALLICE” (my favorite Sound of Music song, by the way).

11. Bayleigh


I fully expected Bayleigh to use her power after seeing her and her friends blindsided by the Rachel eviction… followed by an Angela HoH win. I mean, she lost control of her HoH week and she has a power that allows her to immediately bandage the damage, but she slipped it back in her pocket because she figured she was safe. So, here we are. Hopefully Bayleigh has enjoyed her time in the Big Brother house and can look at the bright side…. Big Brother could be 9 months instead of 3!

11. Bayleigh

I know it’s a trite phrase, but Bayleigh’s trajectory here is Exhibit A of “loose lips sink ships.” She received a power that essentially made her a pseudo-HoH, and was in prime position to not only survive the eviction of her brother/lover, but prevail from the Hindenberg that is FOUTTE. Her backdoor and assumed eviction with Identity Theft in hand really comes down to one thing for me. She put her trust in people who didn’t have her back (Rachel, Angela, Tyler), while simultaneously shunning those who did (Scottie, Rockstar). On the plus side, she is going to be a FANTASTIC first juror, just to get her reactions to the shenanigans that will ensue in the coming weeks.

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