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Big Brother 20 Power Rankings – Week 5 | Cameron Heard

Matt Liguori ranks the houseguests each week with a new guest in RHAP’s Big Brother 20 Power Rankings. This week Matt is joined by Big Brother 19’s Cameron Heard!


  • Power Rankings will contain information from the live feeds. If you are only watching Big Brother 20 episodes and consider information from the feeds to be spoilers, come back after watching the eviction episodes!).
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Big Brother 20 Power Rankings – Week 5

I’m still having a hard time moving on from last week’s eviction. If this week’s split vote shakes things up a little bit, it’ll be a big help… because this week was a little slow and without Kaitlyn I need something/someone to get the drama started. I’m also not loving the nominees this week, I just don’t want either to go. But… welcome to Big Brother.

My guest this week is a returnee to the Power Rankings, from Big Brother 19… Cameron Heard! Tweet us your thoughts, @CameronHeard210 and @mattliguori, let us know what you think and/or leave a comment below!



1. Haleigh

The tough part of ranking Haleigh’s game is figuring out which part of her game to focus on, if that makes sense. Right here, right now.. Haleigh’s looking great. She’s got big targets all around her and she’s friendly with the other side. Sounds great, right? I just don’t know that I see it in her to take it all the way. It’s not identical, but some aspects of Haleigh’s game remind me of Nicole from BB18. Nicole was way more involved in gameplay, so I’m hoping Haleigh steps it up if she wants to get the same result as Nicole.

 1. JC

JC is playing a great game and has a lot of game sense about him. He hasn’t exposed that he was the hinky vote, unlike Scotty, and has managed to talk himself of the block a couple of times. He also knew that Bayleigh was thinking about nominating him so he had Fessy talk on his behalf. JC has been a key vote in every eviction this season and whichever person he wanted to go home ended up leaving, and this week is going to be no different. JC also composed himself and was very articulate during his conversation with Bayleigh which has been his only hurdle for his social game. The only reason he might go home soon is because he has such a good social game people might be threatened by that in the end.

2. JC

Having Kaitlyn evicted wasn’t beneficial to the majority of people who voted her out, but for JC it definitely was. Fessy and Tyler were both too distracted with Kaitlyn around; without her, they’re both loyal soldiers to stick by JC’s side. There’s been plenty of talk about JC needing to go up “eventually” but this week proved to me that nobody is dying to take that shot (some may even be afraid to put him on the block…) anytime soon.

 2. Tyler

Tyler is juggling a lot of people at the same time and its surprising how well he’s doing it. Tyler is playing the hardest out of every player in that house and it shows with his social game and through competitions. Tyler has also been winning a lot of competitions that he doesn’t necessarily need to win. Tyler is also the only person that has kept their power app a secret which is good because he knows people will start to target him because of it. I don’t want him to win so many competitions that the other people are threatened by him; winning too much makes you reveal which side of the house you’re on. Some people are starting to catch onto him and think he’s sneaky, but I still think he’s in a good spot at the moment.

3. Tyler

Where to even begin with Tyler? Winning another competition before hitting the jury phase is mind boggling. He really did that. So now Tyler has his power, knows Bayleigh’s power, has half the house in his pocket, and has no issue winning any comp he wants to. Tyler is clearly the most dangerous player in the house, but does anyone notice? Does anyone care? Anyone at all..? Just you, Rockstar? Okay cool.

3. Kaycee

Kaycee is playing a solid game and hasn’t made anyone mad in the house. She is positioned well in Level 6 where she isn’t the target and uses the rest of her allies as a shield. Kaycee is also doing great at not showing to much of her physical abilities by always coming in the middle of the pack when it comes to competition placement. Overall no one is targeting her, and she isn’t going anywhere any time soon but she doesn’t seem to be pulling the strings yet so we have yet to see what her social game is capable of.

4. Fessy

Just like JC, Fessy is another one who majorly benefited from Kaitlyn leaving. His alliance can all be on the same page now and rest a little easier. Having JC protecting him, Scottie on his side, having shown ability to win comps, and having Tyler wanting to “protect him” (for now) to keep the guys’ numbers from dwindling any further… all together have me feeling good about Fessy this week.

 4. Haleigh

Haleigh seems to be the most emotionally stable from her side of the house. I think she has positioned herself the best on her side of the house because Fessy will take a bullet for her and you’ve got people like Bayleigh and Scottie being very aggressive when they were HoH. She has an individual connection with each of the houseguests on her side of the house which will allow her to be in all of their ears at the same time. She is definitely playing the best social game on the Foutee side of the house and it isn’t even close.

5. Kaycee

Without Angela, Kaycee would be a much better player and make much better decisions. Kaycee does have a tool that Angela doesn’t have.. and that’s Tyler, who will continue to protect her. But, there’s still an entire half of the house that have little-to-no relationship with Kaycee and will gladly throw her on the block as soon as next week.

5. Sam

Sam being ranked this high is not an indication of her skill in the game. It’s more because she is the best of the worst remaining houseguests. I feel there is a steep drop off from the 4th to 5th position but that leaves Sam in the 5th slot. Sam did go a little crazy during her HoH and might not know how to play Big Brother very well, but she does have a good social game. People like her, and that’s evident because she wasn’t even mentioned as a possible nominee even though she nominated only Foutee members. Sam has this unique combination of southern charm and being very naive which makes her endearing. Hopefully she can pick up a thing or two about how to actually play Big Brother and if so, she would be a deadly force in the game.

6. Sam

Another week of Sam fading into the background. Sam couldn’t ask for anything more, especially on the heels of taking out the biggest wildcard in the house last week. If that was any other player as outgoing HoH, they’d be high up on the house’s radar. While Sam’s name comes up occasionally, it’s hard to see a majority sending her home while we still have two clear sides with her in the middle. (Or while Tyler’s still in the house.)

 6. Fessy

Faysal has now proven that he can play Big Brother. Meaning… he can convince one of his only allies not to put up JC. Other than that, Fessy seems to spend more time thinking about Haleigh than thinking about the game and positioning himself for future success. Fessy has proven he can win comps and always sticks his neck out on the line for his alliance but I don’t know if they would do the same for him. Fessy doesn’t seem to have the best game sense but that might be good for him because if he did, he’d be too threatening.

7. Angela

This awoken silent assassin is here to play. There’s no arguing Angela came to life and is becoming one of the most active participants in gameplay. The glaring issue…. she’s getting rid of all the wrong people. Angela was the reason Kaitlyn went home, I’ll stick by that. If Kaitlyn was still in the house up against Brett this week, Kaitlyn would be going home and Level 5 would still have their numbers. So now, Angela wants to evict her #1 ally. My issue isn’t specifically that she wants Rachel gone over Brett, it’s that she didn’t even want to try making something happen with the veto where JC or Scottie potentially could’ve gone up and out instead of Rachel. She’s been determined to see Rachel leave, and I just don’t get it.

 7. Angela

Angela is smack dab in the middle of the pack. She’s managed to lay low this entire season, but she also hasn’t established a working game connection with anyone on the Foutee side. She stays in her little bubble and doesn’t like to come outside of it. She is basically the equivalent of Rockstar but without the blowups. I want her to win HoH so she can start really playing the game and not let the game play her.

8. Bayleigh

It’s such a shame that Bayleigh’s game is trending in the opposite direction of where we thought it would be going after Swaggy left. Spilling information to Rachel has completely ruined the advantage Bayleigh had from her power. Now that most of the house knows about the power, Bayleigh’s back is up against that wall and I’m not sure she’s even aware of that.

 8. Bayleigh

Bayleigh has a serious case of HoHitus. She hasn’t played very well during her reign and I don’t think she set herself up well moving forward in the next few weeks. In her playbook as HoH, you have two different moves… both terrible for her future in the house. Her first move was to tell the person she is putting on the block about her power app. Now, that info has spread around the house and the only people that don’t know are her only allies. Her second move was to demand loyalty. When she goes around to Scottie and Fessy demanding their loyalty it did nothing but put a sour taste in their mouth.

9. Scottie

Scottie got lucky getting out of this week alive. If Tyler wanted his plan to actually happen, I think he could’ve pulled it off and Scottie could be up and probably out the door this week. Rachel blowing up her own game did a lot of work to save him from the potential danger he was in. Scottie’s still a big target, so I can’t rank him much higher than this… but his archetype slips through the cracks like no other.

 9. Scottie

Not a lot of people in the house know what’s going on in Scottie’s head, which is scary for his future in the game. This is due to the fact that he spilled the beans about voting Swaggy out. His only allies don’t really trust him and because he was so aggressive as an HoH, neither does Level 6. There is no way he can pull any strings unless he’s HoH, so strategically he is limited in the game and socially people don’t trust him.

10. Rockstar

Not a whole lot changed for Rockstar this week. She’s still one of the most likely nominees if the Level 4 side wins HoH next week. I wish Rockstar would have more game talks with the other side of the house, but it seems like while Haleigh and Fessy are there, she has no plans to spread out. By the way, if Brett does stay this week, I’m watching solely to see Rockstar’s face crack.

10. Brett

Brett has really grown on me throughout this season. But he hasn’t grown on the other houseguests which is why he keeps getting put on the block. I find Brett a really entertaining character but he is at the top of the chopping block out of his allies. If anyone from the Foutee side wins HoH it’s a guarantee he will hit the block. His social game is really good within his alliance though, and it kept him safe during Winston’s eviction. So lets see if he’ll be safe this week..

11. Brett

I wish Brett was more of a gamer than he is. I like Brett in the DR, I like Brett in his one-on-one conversations, but in terms of advancing gameplay and making anything happen with just about anyone…. Brett offers nothing. He may luck out this week because of Rachel blowing up her own game, but there’s still a small chance he goes home and if he does, I can’t imagine anybody will be too surprised?

11. Rockstar

Boy oh boy. There is a long list of things Rockstar is doing wrong in the house and it’s hard to find anything she’s doing well. The reason she is so low in my rankings is because she throws temper tantrums if things don’t go her way which nobody appreciates. She doesn’t socialize with anyone on the Level 6 side of the house. In a social experiment it would help to be social but she wants to stay with her own people and not go outside of that little bubble. She might make it far this season as a goat but I can’t envision a scenario where she wins. It’s still early though.

12. Rachel

How did this happen?!? I guess once a season I need to rank someone way high up top just to have them drop to the bottom before their eviction. (Hey, Jesse!) Watching the dynamic between Rachel and Angela for a few weeks, I always felt like there would eventually be tension there. They never really talked or clicked on a personal level, which makes it hard to connect long-term on a game level. They were aligned early on by convenience, but now that Angela sees herself set up with Kaycee by her side and Brett still going to bat for their (dwindling) group, she’s ready to let Rachel go. Rachel obviously went a little crazy this week having been nominated and if that’s what will end her game, that’s really unfortunate… but that’s Big Brother.

 12. Rachel

Rachel has been a very entertaining character on the feeds for us live feeders. But its her association with Level 6 which might be the end of her game. She did good socially by getting Bayleigh to reveal that she has a power app, but she should have pushed a bit harder on JC so she wouldn’t be in the position she find herself in now. Rachel’s only move to stay in this game is to throw Level 6 under the bus. She should save her own game instead of worrying about keeping her alliance together.

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